4 Legged Thing 3 Legged Thing Billy 三腳架 黑色 香港行貨




HK$ 2210

節省 HK$111

HK$ 2037


購物滿 $500 速遞/自提點免運費


Rock isn't art, it's the way ordinary people talk. Billy is our first full carbon Punk tripod from the new range. Built for everyday use, Billy is our lightest tripod in the current line up, but built to withstand every day punishment.


  1. Support system with removable ball head that features a tripod with a detachable leg and removable center column, which can be combined to form a monopod with a 32.5 to 67.5" adjustable height
  2. As a tripod, supports up to 40 lb
  3. Push-and-pull, rapid center column with ballast loop for rapid camera, lens, or sport optic positioning
  4. Can be set for a minimum height of 17.7", or 7.8" without the center column
  5. All three legs can be extended in the tripod configuration to obtain a maximum height of 55", or 65" when used with the center column fully raised
  6. Center column is reversible, facilitating low-angle photography where an attached camera is positioned among the tripod's legs instead of above them
  7. Legs each feature 4 sections, twist locks for fast deployment, and can be independently spread
  8. Legs can be locked at 23°, 55°, or 80° angles
  9. Rubber feet help to enhance stability on a wide variety of surfaces
  10. Weighs 3 lb and measures 17.7" when all three legs are reversed 180° and folded
  11. Ball head provides up to a 90° tilt for portrait orientation, 360° of independent rotation, and can be locked into place along its range of movement
  12. Arca-type clamp on ball head to secure quick release plate
  13. Included Toolz Multi-Tool with 4mm hex key, flat head screwdriver tip, as well as integrated carabiner and bottle opener, plus key chain
  14. Hex key adjusts tension on leg hinges
  15. Fasten or remove quick release plate from a device's accessory thread with hex key or flat head screwdriver tip

A working class hero is something to be...

Billy is our first full carbon Punk tripod from the new range. Built for everyday use, Billy is our lightest tripod in the current line up, but built to withstand every day punishment.

Take it to the bridge

Or anywhere else, for that matter. At just 1.38 kg / 3 lb, Billy is the easiest tripod to transport in our range.

A tale of two heights

Topping out at 1.645 m / 65 ", Billy is a tripod with a serious working height, that still extends to 1.37 m / 53.5" without the column installed, giving you a stable, workable solution in even the most difficult conditions.

More than a tripod

Billy, like our other Punks tripods, has one or two tricks up his sleeve. A full height detachable monopod is a sought after feature for most, but the real coup d'état is a minimum working height of just 10 cm / 4"

Travel Ready

Billy's legs counterfold around the column and head, enabling the user to get him down to just 46 cm / 18 ".

Detachable Monopod

Billy, like all 3 Legged Thing tripods, comes with a detachable monopod leg that can also be used as a microphone or camera boom.

Max Load to Weight Ratio of 13:1

Billy is capable of supporting loads up to 13 times his weight. With an 18kg payload, Billy is one of the strongest tripods in this class.

Bubble Grips

3 Legged Thing's unique Bubble Grip system provides better leverage, and greater rigidity, with smooth, easy to use mechanism.

Shaping The Future

Our patented Tri-Mount plate offers three hollowed spurs for accessory attachments, and enables Billy to fold up, even when the column is detached.

A Range of Footwear

Billy has detachable rubber Bootz, which can be replaced with any of our foot accessories, for maximum stability on any terrain.


最大高度:1.645 m / 65英寸
最大高度:無柱1.39 m / 55英寸
最小高度:110毫米/ 4.25英寸
單腳架最大高度:1.71 m / 67.5英寸
4節腿/ 1節柱
承重能力18公斤/ 40磅
三腳架重量:1.38kg / 3磅
最大腿管直徑:23毫米/ 0.91英寸