How can I use coupon code?
During the promotion period, you could enter the relevant coupon code before checkout and complete the payment to enjoy the discount. Only one set of coupon code can be used per single transaction. If you forget to enter the coupon code, the discount cannot be redeemed after the order is completed. Each coupon code is subjected to different terms and conditions, please refer to related promotions for details.
How to earn and use the Points
How to enjoy the 3% discount
When shopping online, you can enjoy 3% discount if you pay via FPS, ATM transfer or e-banking transfer.
When shopping offline, you can enjoy 3% if you pay by cash.
VIP 優惠
VIP 會員

VIP 會員限定優惠
當VIP會員登入友和網站後,即可於首頁 "VIP優惠" 查看專享優惠,讓你可以優惠價錢盡情消費。我們會不斷推出更多精彩的VIP會員優惠及服務,謹記定期登入友和網站,發掘驚喜!

VIP 購物節
每年8月友和會舉辦 VIP 購物節,敬請留意。

Facebook Page: 友和Yoho
Yoho will offer special promotion via Facebook, please follow our Facebook Page to stay tune.

Best Price Promo
Every Thursday, Yoho will offer special discount for selected categories.
More Details

Time-limited on sale:
Over a thousand products on sale at real deals!

VIP Benefits

Yoho VIP members can enjoy special discount for specific products!
Annual Promotion Campaign
There are several major annual promotion campaigns at Yoho: ‘’313 Anniversary’’ (on 31st March), ‘’818 VIP Carnival’’ (on 18th August), ‘’Double 11’’ (on 11th November), ‘’Double 12’’ (on the 12th December). There will flash deals, lucky draw and many other products on sale at real deals. For details, please click on the link below:
Cooperate staff promotion
Yoho partners up with various organisation (including McDonald) to launch staff promotion.
If your organisation would like to work with Yoho to launch staff promotion, you are welcome to send an email to [email protected]
Tertiary student offer
Yoho has special offers for tertiary students. The qualified students can register as Yoho member with the school email to enjoy exclusive offers.