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[ZA Bank x YOHO Account Opening]

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ZA Bank Limited - Promotional Terms and Conditions of Account Opening Offer Programme for YOHO

1.      This promotion (“Promotion”) commences from 21st July 2022 and concludes on 30th September 2022, inclusive of both dates (“Promotion Period”).

2.      By participating in this Promotion, participants are deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”).

Eligibility and Rewards

3.      The participant (“Participant”) will be eligible for the reward (“Rewards”) stated in Clause 4 if the below conditions are fulfilled:

3.1.  The Participant must have never opened any bank accounts with ZA Bank and held any product or service with ZA Bank before (including but not limited to deposit account and loan account);

3.2.  The Participant must use the designated invitation code “ZAYOHO” (“Invitation Code”) to successfully open an account. If Participant open an account via designated link, Participant shall register on designated campaign page with mobile number, one-time SMS verification code and email address, and use the same mobile number to successfully open an account at the latest version of ZA Bank App;

3.3.  The Participant must pass all the internal review completed by ZA Bank to be considered as a successful account opening; and

3.4.  other requirements imposed by ZA Bank.

4.      Participants is eligible to below Rewards including:

Reward Condition
HK$ 250 YOHO Electronic Voucher Upon spending at least HK$ 1 with ZA Card at YOHO (except cancelled and reversed transaction) within 14 days after successful account opening, the Participant shall receive 1 piece of  HK$ 250 YOHO Electronic Voucher (“e-coupon”).

HK$ 250 YOHO Electronic Voucher

4.1.  The Participant shall receive a e-coupon in ZA Bank App within 3 working days upon completing transaction with ZA Card. The e-voucher will be stored in ZA Bank App > “Explore” page. Participant must use the e-coupon on or before 31st December 2022, the e-coupon is invalid after expiry.

4.2.  Participant can use the e-voucher by entering the promo code in the coupon at the checkout page of YOHO, subject to terms and condition. For details please click here.

5.      Anyone who has committed dishonesty and fraud in any promotions of YOHO and ZA Bank will automatically lose the eligibility to participate in the Promotion and will not receive any Rewards.

6.      Each Participant can only participate in the Promotion once. If a Participant is found to participate in the event through plug-ins or other informal channels, such as empty numbers or fake accounts or other ways that affect fairness, YOHO will cancel the eligibility of the Participant without prior notice.

7.      The Invitation Code shall be valid within the Promotion Period. Invitation Code will be invalid after expiry.

8.      The Participant’s account maintained with ZA Bank must remain valid and active. If his/her account is closed during the Promotion Period or upon release of the Rewards, ZA Bank has the right to forfeit the Rewards without prior notice, and no Rewards will be credited to any other account or through any other means.

9.      If Participants initiate to close his / her account within 12 months after the account opening date, ZA Bank has the right to deduct the total Rewards amount paid or payable to the Participants from his/ her ZA Bank account.

10.  All Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or coupons or nor be transferred, returned, exchanged or converted or granted into other form, unless otherwise specified.

11.  Each person who opens an account with ZA Bank can only use one Invitation Code to open an account, and ZA Bank will not accept requests for replacement of rewards or replacement of the Invitation Code.

12.  This Promotion cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other account opening promotional offers.


13.  ZA Bank and YOHO reserve the right to adjust, withdraw or cancel these T&Cs. ZA Bank and YOHO are not required to inform Participant with prior notice when these T&Cs are changed nor assigning any reasons whatsoever to Participant to the extent permitted by applicable law.

14.  ZA Bank may, from time to time, impose daily limitations on the number of redemptions of Invitation Code and successfully registered Participants at the designated link.

15.  Participants acknowledge and agree to access the relevant promotional page at regular intervals to view these T&Cs and to ensure that they are kept up to date with any changes or variations to these T&Cs.

16.  In case of any ambiguity, doubts or disputes arising out of or under any of these T&Cs or Promotion, the decision of YOHO and ZA Bank is final, binding and conclusive on all Participants in all circumstances without assigning any reasons whatsoever and no correspondence will be entered into.

17.  If the Participant has any enquiries towards the ZA Bank’s account opening, please contact ZA Bank at 3665 3665.

18.  If ZA Bank or YOHO suspects that the Participant has (i) carried out or is related to abnormal/suspicious activities, (ii) used improper methods or fraudulent behaviours to interrupt or interfere with any part of the activity, resulting in technical Problems, or detection of (iii) any dishonest behaviour, provision of false or incorrect data or (iv) any violation of these terms and conditions or any other applicable laws or provisions; YOHO or ZA Bank reserve the right to cancel the eligibility of participating or entitlement of the Reward of any person without prior notice, and reserve the right to pursue the Participant. In the Hong Kong Special Administrative permitted by law, Participant agrees that ZA Bank and YOHO will not be held liable for any losses arising from the Promotion.

19.  ZA Bank is not a supplier of merchant’s products and/or services. Merchant is solely responsible for related products and/or services. ZA Bank will not assume any responsibility for related products and/or services.

20.  Except for the Participant, ZA Bank and YOHO, no one else has the right to exercise or enjoy the benefits of any of these T&Cs under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Chapter 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

21.  These T&Cs are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and will be interpreted in accordance with them. The parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

22.  These T&Cs should be read in conjunction with ZA Bank’s General Terms and Conditions. If there are any inconsistencies between the ZA Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and the T&Cs herein, the ZA Bank’s General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

23.  If there is any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions of these T&Cs, the English version shall prevail.

Za Bank x YOHO e-Voucher Terms & Conditions:

1.     Validation period for e-voucher: Now till 31 December 2022

2.     Enjoy HK$250 discount off upon any purchase at YOHO Online store (Shipping fee excluded) within validation period.

3.     Each e-voucher can only be redeemed ONCE only.

4.     During the promotion period, each Za Bank account could only redeem e-Voucher ONCE only at YOHO Online store.

5.     If the e-voucher code has not used when placing the order, the relevant discount will not be reissued.

6.     This voucher is non-exchangeable for cash, other products, or discounts.

7.     If any transaction involves fraud or abuse, YOHO reserves the right to cancel the relevant order without prior notice.

8.     If anyone applies with an empty, fake account, the same series of email address, plug-ins or other informal channels, or any program to disrupt or manipulate this event, YOHO reserves the right to cancel the order without prior notice.

9.     In case of any dispute, both Za Bank Limited and YOHO Hong Kong Ltd reserve the right of final decision on all related matters.