IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner
  • IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner
  • IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner
  • IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner
  • IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner
  • IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner

IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner

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IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC2 ultra-lightweight dust mite vacuum cleaner, lightweight and easy to operate,dust mite sensor light is more obvious and easy to see.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Powerful suction up to 98% , 3 times more powerful suction

  • 20 cm tip large range powerful vibration mode.
  • The combination of two unique cyclone air streams, super cyclone air streams to absorb dust, can greatly improve suction up to 3 times, and don't worry about fabric damage at the same time.

High frequency slapping

  • Up to 6,000 times per minute Through high-frequency vibration and slapping, up to 6,000 times per minute,can effectively remove dust mites and dust.

Three-color lamp Highly sensitive dust mite sensor

  • Equipped with a high sensitivity sensor
  • If the red notification light is lit,it means that a large number of dust mites and bacteria are hidden.

Lightweight design and equipped with three strength adjustments

  • It achieves the industry's lightweight design, just 1.6kg.
  • It is also easy to store,can be placed in a small space,can also be stored in the bedroom and on the side of the bed, so you can use it at will.
  • Low center of gravity gravity design, easy to operate.
  • 3 intensity adjustments for easy cleaning of various locations in the home.

Double filtration and washable design

  • Use a washable dust bag to remove slapped mites and harmful health allergens.
  • Thoroughly purified through Japanese-made allergen filters, double filtration, discharge clean air,eliminate secondary air pollution.
  • The IRIS dust collection box is designed as a washable way to eliminate secondary pollution.


Color: White
Charging power supply: AC220V 50 / 60HZ
Dust collection: about 0.2 L
Power consumption:400W
Product size:Width 250 × depth 459 × height 212 (when used) / Width 250 × depth 144 × height 403 (when stored)
Weight: about 1.6 kg
Slapping frequency:about 6000 times per minute
Cable length: 4m
The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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The shipment is fast and can be shipped directly to home, which is very convenient. The dust net can be removed and washed several times, and there are red, orange and green lights to see that the side is not clean, right!
Translated by
I bought it for a few days and tried it once. I sucked the sheets, pillows and curtains. It was enough. A man would feel less scratchy after ten minutes of using one hand, but it was not heavy. After the sheets were washed for two days, there was a small amount of dust. Normal speed, a little fever
Translated by
It's really easy to use, it's small in size, put it upright by the bed, and use it every day to maintain personal hygiene. But after sucking for about ten minutes, my hand was stuck. But after the bed is sucked, and there is hot air coming out, I feel really comfortable, and you will get more work! This function is enough, like.
Translated by
Emma Y.
After a few noises, the d reminder light seems to be flowing, but the suction is strong enough, you have to suck slowly, and it sucks out a lot of dirt. I don't know if it is dust mites, but it feels comfortable after inhaling.
Translated by
It is simple and convenient to use. There are three intensities to choose from. The lightest intensity does not have a flapping function. The standard intensity has a flapping function and is strong enough. Although the highest intensity will cause some noise, it can effectively absorb a lot of dust. The wire is long enough. It is convenient to use for 10 minutes without hindrance. There are three lights for vacuuming, red, yellow and green. Red means a lot of dust or dust mites, and green means no dust or dust mites. I can clearly know the current cleaning situation when I use it. I am very satisfied. However, the parts are hot when used and give off a slight strange smell.
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