HP F550G 1440P Supper HD Car Camcorder

HP F550G 1440P Supper HD Car Camcorder

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LENS: 156° 超廣角鏡, F1.8 光圈/映像解析度 - FHD1920 x [email protected]/內建GPS/G-Sensor/功能:停車監控系統,ADAS先進駕駛輔助,運動檢測,碰撞偵測等。

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Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description





  • F1.8 超大光圈
  • 1440P 劇場級超高畫質
  • 內建GPS與重力傳感器
  • 停車監控系統
  • ADAS先進駕駛輔助系統
  • HDR高動態範圍影像技術

Leader products

f550g is simple in appearance and precise in hardware. Build on meticulous consideration and excellent technique, it is as delicate as jade. The sense of touch is more extensive and lively than perception. f550g is equipped with powerful image processing solutions in ways that help resolution of videos reach 1440P and frames of images reach 120fps. The results are over 33.3% beyond the standard in peers. At HP, we devote ourselves to R & D, as a result, what we manufactured is surely amazing and breathtaking. Besides, f550g integrates with headway reminder, headlight reminder and parking surveillance. These powerful functions lead the world. HP believes in what are optimized can fully reflect the strength of products. For this to happen, HP integrates multiple functions with aesthetic perception into an amazing work.

1440P theater and image quality

f550g upgrades its video specification up to 1440P which can be comparable with that of 24 inches computer monitors. It is equipped with unique images processing plans to make frames of images up to unprecedented 120fps. Viewing angle is up to 156° so that more images are in shot and they look smoother. As a result, what are recorded is real and integrated during high-speed driving. We strive to make images look more natural by adjusting the match between imaging sensors and 6 pieces of optical glass lenses.

Speed camera alert

Do you still worry about the fine for overspeed? Just install f550g, you’ll get way from fine. GPS modules and fixed speed data inside the f550g can locate your driver's coordinates with the help of GPS global positioning system. It will remind you of your speed when you drive close to high-speed camera based on your location and the fixed speed data. As a result, you can enjoy your driving without worrying about the points deduction and fine due to overspeed.

Parking surveillance

F550g conducts parking surveillance through collision detection and motion detection. Inner three-axis gravity sensor can record and store the images before and after collision as evidences when cars are collided. HP also develops motion detection technology which on standby can automatically record people and objects before lens when cars stop. We seek to keep you safe around the clock.

ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System)

We seek to pay more attention to your daily use feeling compared with diversified functions. We will do our best to upgrade advanced driving assistant functions integrated in f550g including headlight reminder, vehicles ahead start reminder, headway reminder and rest reminder. Excellent components are to be expressed and upgraded through a deep understanding of products.



  • 1 托架插孔 
  • 2 電源開關 
  • 3 記憶卡插槽 
  • 4 USB / 電源連接孔 
  • 5 返回按鈕 ( ) 
  • 6 向上按鈕 ( ) 
  • 7 向下按鈕 ( )  
  • 8 輸入按鈕 ( )
  • 9 衛星定位天線
  • 10 揚聲器
  • 11 廣角鏡頭
  • 12 麥克風
  • 13 LED 指示燈
  • 14 螢幕



固定在擋風玻璃上 固定在擋風玻璃上
1. 將托架卡榫推入設備上方的托架插孔中,直到聽到咔嗒聲固定。

2. 用酒精擦拭托架的吸盤及擋風玻璃至乾淨,並等待酒精干透,將托架的吸盤輕壓於擋風玻璃上,再按下托架的夾子固定托架。
3. 確認托架已牢牢固定。

1. 鬆開旋鈕,將設備垂直或水平方向調整。
2. 鎖緊旋鈕,並確認設備已牢牢固定。

1. 將電源連接器的一端連接到設備的 USB / 電源連接孔。電源連接孔輸入直流電壓5V/1A。

2. 將電源連接器的另一端插接汽車內的點煙器的插孔。汽車引擎一旦發動,設備即自動開機。車充輸入直流電壓12/24V。



  • LCD – 2.31“ TFT(RGB) 顯示屏
  • 傳感器:OV4689,4.1MP,1/3英寸CMOS
  • Effective Pixels: 2688(水平)×1520(垂直)的像素
  • LENS: 156° 超廣角鏡, F1.8 光圈
  • 映像解析度 - FHD1920 x [email protected]
  • FHD: 1920 x [email protected]
  • FHD: 1920 x [email protected]
  • HDR: 1920 x [email protected]
  • 視頻格式: MOV (H.264+ADPCM codec)
  • HDR 高動態範圍影像技術 - 支持
  • ISO - 自動
  • 內建GPS - 連續GPS跟踪照片和視頻的位置信息
  • G-Sensor : 內置3軸G-Force傳感器,自動啟動緊急錄影功能
  • Microphone - 內建
  • 功能:停車監控系統,ADAS先進駕駛輔助,運動檢測,碰撞偵測等。
  • 語言:英文/法文/意大利文/德國文/西班牙文/葡萄牙文/俄羅斯文/土耳其文/日文/韓文/簡體中文/繁體中文
  • 內存/記憶卡 :MicroSD / SDHC (支持 32 GB) 附注: 高清錄影格式支援 Class 10 以上或更高SDHC
  • 傳輸介面 : USB (8 pin mini-USB, USB 2.0)
  • 電池:內置 450 mAH 鋰電池
  • 尺寸:57 x 30 x 58 (mm)
  • 重量:75g
  • 工作溫度: 0°C ~ 60 °C
  • 認證: CE, FCC, BSMI



The product design is really strong. It has almost all the functions of the single-lens driving recorder on the market. It has all the functions in one body and the width is clear enough.
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Very easy to use.
Translated by
Kelvin kk1981