MIIN iMask Home Beauty Artemis Derma LED Mask
  • MIIN iMask Home Beauty Artemis Derma LED Mask
  • MIIN iMask Home Beauty Artemis Derma LED Mask
  • MIIN iMask Home Beauty Artemis Derma LED Mask

MiiN iMask Home Beauty Artemis Derma LED Mask

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iMask Micron machine features seven types of energy light, which can be managed by Download Apps, and can divide facial skin into 16 blocks for DIY skin management

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Prescribe the right medicine for skin problems, from whitening, moisturizing, soothing, acne and even anti-aging, one by one, not only for women, but also for men or parents. During the epidemic, they often work from home under the new normal, or they are too busy with work and have no time. beauty salon. <br>Enjoy skin management at the level of Korean beauty salons at home, take high-end beauty salons home, save money and time, you can immediately take a "beauty sleep" after use up, and you don't have to worry about the problem of skin deterioration!

Product Features

It is a beauty salon-level beauty instrument that is very suitable for use at home. It is 100% developed and manufactured in Korea. The MiiN LED iMask
has 7 kinds of energy light for skin beauty, which can achieve firming, anti-aging, and soothing. Different effects such as sensitivity, whitening and brightening, acne removal and moisturizing, etc., are very suitable for men and women! Enjoy salon-level skin care at home!
LED color light + NIR near-infrared light to activate skin cells

MiiN iMask and iNeck have a total of 1,080 LED and NIR near-infrared lights, which are the optical beauty machines with the most color lights on the market. one. Let’s talk about the skin beauty principle of the mask first. There are a total of 720 LED lights and NIR near-infrared lights on the mask, which activates skin cells from the bottom of the muscle to achieve translucent, firming and moisturizing effects. During the process, it emits light of seven energies with wavelengths of approximately 470-850 microns.

  • Red is to improve cell activity, which can stimulate collagen proliferation and anti-aging;
  • Green can soothe sensitive, brighten and firm the skin;
  • Blue can reduce inflammation and control oil and acne, make pores more refined;
  • Yellow can whiten and improve skin redness;
  • Purple is deep cleansing and promotes skin metabolism;
  • Sky blue can moisturize and repair the skin barrier;
  • NIR Near Infrared: Different modes will be accompanied by the release of NIR near infrared, NIR can directly penetrate the skin layer, thereby regulating the skin micro-ecology, such as improving pigmentation, fine lines and sagging problems.
In appearance, it is designed with white rose gold. There are openings on the eyes and mouth, and there are buttons on the nose. Press and hold to switch. Press it once to change the color of 6 colors. Press one second to do 7 colors. Changing the automatic mode is very simple.


  • Before putting on the mask, you need to clean your face, you don't need to apply skin care products or dab some toner water in advance, and then adjust the tightness of the headband according to the size of your face, lying down or sitting There is no problem using it.
  • If you operate through the buttons on the mask, you can only output monochrome or Auto Mode each time.
  • But different people have different skin management needs. If you use the "iMask" app, in the "Expert" setting, your face will be carefully divided into 16 areas, each area is customized with different colors The lamp allows you to deal with skin problems in different locations at the same time. For example, red light can be used for anti-aging around the eyes, blue light can be used to remove acne and pores around the nose, chin and mouth, and sky blue light can be used to moisturize other parts.
  • After selecting the color, you can set the time and intensity. The default is 10 minutes and intensity 7. You can adjust the time and intensity according to your needs. It is recommended that you use it for no more than 30 minutes a day. You can watch TV, mobile phone or book, etc., or close your eyes and rest for a while, the whole process is warm and very comfortable.

Product Specifications

Size: 20.5x26x13.5cm
The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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It has many functions, and it is very convenient to connect to the app. You can also use the weather to infer the skin condition. Five-star praise, the effect is expected.
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The product is advanced and easy to use, but it has a little effect on breathing, it is a top product
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The delivery time is accurate and it works well, but wish the app could have Chinese
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