58 Espresso SPTK-1 Portable Espresso Machine

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Made in Korea, iInnovative Portable Espresso Machine Satellite Design by 58 espresso™ SPTK (SPUTNIK)-1 - I carry the head group of my espresso machine with me!

Warranty Info

原裝行貨;廠方或代理方提供一年香港本地保養和維修。 主體, 便携式泵, 沖煮把手/波塔過濾器(Portafilter),粉碗(Basket) 一年保養,其他配件半年保養。

Product Description

Product Features

58 espresso™ introduces the SPTK-1, 
designed for espresso enthusiasts all over the world, 
a portable espresso machine that extracts a richer espresso flavor on the move.

“It’s a portable espresso machine, but the brewing performance is comparable to that of a commercial machine.”

Can I bring a commercial espresso machine on the go? Wild imagination came true!

It was a wild imagination that led to the creation of SPTK-1.
Everybody deserves good espresso whenever and wherever they want, whether at home, on a camping site, at work or in a park.
The goal with SPTK-1 was to transform high-end espresso machines into mobile devices.
The idea was to travel with the group head of an espresso machine in order to brew quality espresso.
Mobile group heads have become a reality to take the heart and soul of an espresso machine anywhere!
All these dreams come true thanks to the ‘58 espresso™’!


Although the SPTK-1 is compact and portable, its extraction performance is comparable to that of commercial machines.
You can brew espresso just like you would on a commercial espresso machine.


SPTK-1 does not need any electricity. Just some hot water!


 This could be a brand name and BI.


Mankind's first artificial satellite in space.
The words "coffee" and "satellite" did not belong in the same sentence until now.
The unique machine's design is captivating the hearts of espresso lovers once more!.
58 espresso™ SPTK-1 can brew espresso anywhere without restrictions, 
that could only be brewed on a commercial machine costing several thousand dollars 
from the following special features.

Special features of the 58 espresso™ machine SPTK-1 for true coffee lovers!

1. 58 mm portafilter

 The 58 mm portafilter is a size commonly used in commercial espresso machines but has not been available for portable machines. 58 espresso™ made this possible.
The 58 espresso™, as its name suggests, uses only 58mm portafilters!

2 Simply 9-Bar

A pressure of 9 bar is essential for extracting the highest quality espresso. 
The SPTK-1 brews espresso at a pressure of 9 bar that is reached through optimized profiling with the simple push of a button.

3. Extraction at various Temperatures and pressures

SPTK-1 provides manual pressure control previously found only in multi-thousand dollar machines. 
And, you can change the temperature of the brewed water, which is an important factor in the espresso recipe.

4. Pre-Infusion

SPTK-1 has a 'pre-infusion' feature that allows the coffee particles to be extracted easily. 
This makes it possible to extract a good quality espresso.

5. Compatibility with E61 Group head accessories

As with other professional machines, you can customize your own accessories such as filter baskets, shower screens, etc. 
You can customize your own profiling in more detail with various accessories.

6. Manometer

SPTK-1shows the actual pressure applied to the portafilter during extraction, not the pump pressure.

Did you know that even machines that cost thousands of dollars often show the pressure in the pump, not the pressure in the portafilter? 
The SPTK-1 displays the actual pressure during extraction in the portafilter. This allows for more fine-grained profiling when extracting.

7. Food-grade 304 stainless steel and precision machining

The body of SPTK-1 is made of 304 stainless steel and a precision CNC process rather than a casting, which is an imprecise and relatively inexpensive machining method. 
In addition, all parts that come into contact with water are made of food-grade materials to ensure safety.

Why 58 espresso™ insists on a 58 mm portafilter?

This is in line with why 58 mm portafilters are used in commercial machines.
At 58 mm, the layers of coffee are thinner and the water flow is smoother. This means you can extract the espresso quickly.

In contrast, 54 mm extracts thicker layers of coffee even with the same weight of coffee beans, which means the coffee comes into contact with more water. 
On the other hand, 58 mm comes into contact with fewer coffee particles. Contact with less coffee in the same amount of water means a higher extraction performance, i.e. more is extracted.
Although every famous espresso machine differs in size, many companies have the 58 mm group heads in common. Considering the quality of coffee extraction and the compatibility of accessories,

Espresso brewing so easy? Charging is really easy too!

SPTK-1 gets its pressure energy source for espresso extraction from a portable electric mini pump.
Simply charge with USB or a portable power bank. So, you can drink customized espresso with your own recipe anytime, 
anywhere, without the effort of manually turning the lever down or turning it like a manual espresso machine.

The secret of smooth and special espresso

(The secret of smooth and special espresso)
 Pre-infusion refers to the process of pre-moistening the beans at moderate pressure for a smooth extraction. 
This not only extracts well, but also gives you a richer crema.

Product Specifications

Main Body
  • Size : Before Assebly 140H x 68W. After  280H x 220W (unit mm)
  • Weight : 2.3kg 
  • Material : SUS 304, FoodGradeSilicone
  • Tanks Size : 200mL
  • Pressure : Max 10 Bar
  • Group head size : 58mm
Portable Pump
  • Power : 80W
  • Battery Capacity: 4,000mAh
  • Charging Port : Micro-USB B type
  • Size : 120H x 78W x 50 D
  • Unit : KPA, BAR, PSI, KG/cm
  • Weight : 380g
Inside the shipping box

  • SPTK-1 Main Body
  • Portable Pump T-MP001
  • Oriduct pouch
  • SPTK-1 Carry Bag*
  • 58mm Bottomless ortafilter**
- 58mm bottomless portafilter, carrying bag, and portable pump sold separately depending on the configuration.
- The body and handle of the portafilter are made of natural wood. Therefore, the color of each product may be different.
- Portafilters can be used for products with a tooth circumference of 80.5mm or less.
- It is convenient to use with 58 espresso separately sold and professional espresso accessories.
The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.