Bracoo KP41 Knee Elite Sleeve Strength : Level 5 Size: M BKP41G4N-B340-11 - Grey

Bracoo KP41 Knee Elite Sleeve Strength : Level 5 Size: M BKP41G4N-B340-11 - Grey


Four sizes: S M L XL

Product Description

Product features


Featuring an ergonomically-profiled silicone pad ring, which curves to perfectly fit and protect the kneecap with a myriad of design elements to ensure a comfortable and correct alignment – Ideal for sufferers of Osgood-Schlatter's disease, patellar tendonitis or knee instability


Superior flat-weave manufacturing enables a light breathable weave at the back of the knee, flexible elasticity over the quadricep, hamstring & calf regions, and firm high-performance stitching to surround and brace the knee cap for a perfect balance of support and natural mobility 


Dual stainless-steel springs assist the joint during high-intensity knee flexion and extension exercises, prevent bunching, and include wide handles to help with initial positioning and adjustments


The sleeve is breathable and moisture-wicking for prolonged comfort, while providing firm compression to increase circulation, improve muscle stability, and reduce inflammation; machine washable (removable silicone pad), durable, and sensitive-skin friendly


The silicone pad can be removed and reversed to fit either knee; To determine the correct fit, bend the knee slightly and measure the thigh and calf circumferences (see the chart for details) 


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