Foreo At Home Spa UFO 2 Bundle Set (with 6 boxes mask) - Mint

Foreo At Home Spa UFO 2 Bundle Set (with 6 boxes mask) - Mint

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擁有全光譜LED光波(一共8種顏色),T-Sonic 脈動技術先進的高能導入技術以及APP指導護理和熱能和凍凝技術,UFO2助你敷出容光煥發好膚色,肌膚持續年輕美麗。

Foreo UFO 2 智臻面膜套裝

UFO 2 智臻面膜儀 x 1
Coconut Oil Sheet for Dehydrated Skin 椰油滋養活膚面膜 (3片)  x 1 box
Bulgarian Rose Mask for Dry Skin 保加利亞玫瑰保濕面膜 (6片)  x 1 box
Foreo UFO Youth Junkie Mask 丁香紫彈力緊實面膜 (6片) x 1 box
Manuka Honey Mask 蜂蜜修復煥顏面膜 (6片) x 1 box
H2O overdose Mask 海洋藍潤澤補水面膜 (6片) x 1 box
Matte Maniac Mask 薄荷綠清透控油面膜 (6片) x 1 box



UFO 2中包含的8種LED彩光可以助您擁有更加迷人的美肌



  • 比UFO的熱傳遞速度快5倍
  • 通過疏通皮脂來提亮膚色
  • 軟化面部肌膚 為後續更有效地吸收UFO面膜中的營養成分做準備
  • 加熱至45度, 這一溫度可以打開毛孔 以使面霜 精華液和面膜精華滲透肌底



  • 低溫療法是利用低溫來恢復皮膚活力和治療某些皮膚問題
  • 減輕浮腫
  • 收縮毛孔
  • 提拉緊緻肌膚
  • 消炎
  • 冷凝溫度為5度,確保護理的安全和有效


T-Sonic 垂直聲波脈動

  • 聲波可以深入皮膚及快速震動 UFO 2中的T-Sonic脈動提供每分鐘10000次的聲波震動
  • 輕輕按摩面部 緩解面部緊張
  • 不用摩擦肌膚即可去除角質
  • 通過深層刺激皮膚來提升面部排毒
  • 撫平細紋 減輕黑眼圈 減少浮腫
  • 增強面霜和精華的吸收
  • 提升UFO強效面膜的功效



  • 打開FOREO APP,掃描面膜袋或面膜盒上的條形碼
  • 按下開始按鈕並按照說明進行操作


The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Zanda Chan
The goods were received quickly, the packaging was complete when received, and the delivery brother was also polite. Foreo UFO wants to buy it, so I finally bought Zuo at the special price this time. It is really easy to use and very convenient. Except for the mask that Zuoqu sent, it can be used as an import machine every day, importing your own essence or paper mask, Zhongyao The machine is carefully and carefully, and if you go on a trip later, you can also take the buried canal to set off, and you can keep the beautiful in time.
Translated by
I used the foreo facial washing machine before, and then I checked the evaluation on the Internet and decided to start with this machine. Yoho has packages that are good for purchase, and will give you 6 different masks, all of which are in the same size, activated mask and sheet mask. I will give you a make my day, so you can try 7 masks. Afterwards, you can re-purchase the required mask according to your own preferences, and send multiple packs of foreo and serum samples with the machine, which will be more moisturizing after the machine is used. Fast delivery two days after the order is placed. There is a big gift box to hold all the products. The machine has an extra thick dust-proof bag to hold it, so it’s not shocking (not in the picture because it’s unpacked. Phase), it’s better and decent to send than people. UFO 2 is a size that can be held with one hand. Since the back of it is not a flat surface, it will be compared with the one on the left. You don’t use the fruit array on the top, so don’t use the mask and the side to place the table. Sorry about hygiene. UFO2 has 8 different kinds of LEDs, the cooling/heating function is from 5 degrees to 45 degrees (you can set the temperature limit yourself), and the T-Sonic sound wave vibration makes the product more absorbing. The machine needs to be connected to the app to use, which is easy to operate and clear and easy to understand. Each foreo mask will have a set and a left program. Just pick the mask and follow the steps to set a mask. The set-up machine can be started when it arrives. It's so convenient that you don't have to wash it before picking it up. There will be a good voice and a female voice to explain along the way, it will become warmer and colder, and vibration will be added in the middle, and some masks will have background music. It is so comfortable and relaxing to do it with eyes closed~ The other one I admire This machine is not limited to your own brand and mask, and even other brand masks/essences can be used with this machine. You can choose whether you want LED, heat/cool, shock or shock, of course, if you are lazy For both words, you can choose the program, for example, I will use rose/h2overdose for moisturizing mask, and green tea/matte maniac for acne mask. Every pack of mask will have a lot of essence. I don’t think it’s too big for me. Every time I have enough noodles for 2 times and 1 time for the neck. Even if the noodles are small, everyone must have enough for each face and neck. Normally I don’t know. I know how to maintain the neck. After buying the left hand machine, even the neck is maintained and buried by the way! Moreover, the essence is absorbed by the sun quickly. Basically, after using it, rinse the embedding machine and it has been absorbed. You can continue to apply the skin care products. And after a few days of trying left, I really feel good! After using the second dynasty to get up, the skin is really good, and it will slide and be shiny. Even after finishing the laser, h2overdose/rose moisturizing is enough. In the picture, there is only a mask on the left honey fruit. If you want to praise it, you can wear the honey. Zhong Haoxiang, I usually don’t use the honey because it’s too much. It’s a good thing for me to finish work at night. First of all, I wash it as if I usually use the sheet mask and put it on the surface until I slowly check the position of the ears, nose, and mouth. It only takes 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes for one session. Even if I do it three times, it only takes a few minutes. Compared with the usual mask, it takes 15-20 minutes to apply it, which is much faster! The convenience and comfort level of it will make my family look forward to using this machine and moment most every day, and I have already used it tonight. I only want to use the mask tonight. I really want to use it soon~ The machine is really sincerely recommend!
Translated by
Buy first at 11 o'clock in the evening, and receive a pick-up notice at 11 o'clock in the second morning! Very efficient! Use it a few times, the effect is good, even if it takes 2 minutes to clean the mask, the mask absorbs quickly, and the mask contains a lot of essence. You can use it for 2 minutes to apply the face, and then pour the low essence back and repeat the treatment Bury the neck! Even the master is so comfortable to watch!
Translated by
The color is so pretty, and it feels so youthful. It's really convenient to use. In addition to using it with the mask, you can use your own skin care products in a custom mode. Use it!
Translated by
It happened that many people used consumer vouchers to buy the goods, so they received the goods in about a week, so I could not experience the mask machine soon. I finally used the mask machine for the first time tonight. It feels so comfortable and it saves time. I hope it will be possible in the future. Use diligently and take good care of your skin
Translated by