Philips BRI955 IPL hair removal device
  • Philips BRI955 IPL hair removal device
  • Philips BRI955 IPL hair removal device
  • Philips BRI955 IPL hair removal device

Philips BRI955 IPL hair removal device

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The most effective IPL, 6 months after a full treatment cycle**. IPL technology with SenseIQ provides long-lasting total-body hair removal in the comfort of your home. Get salon-smooth skin with personalized guidance from the Lumea IPL app.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 2-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description


  • 3次療程(即約4星期) 可減少毛髮達92%*, 享受持久淨滑的脫毛效果
  • SenseIQ 智能感應調控科技,自動識別膚色並建議最佳的彩光強度,以達至安全、有效的彩光脫毛療程
  • 下載Lumea IPL彩光脫毛器應用程式,可獲得個人化的療程指導、使用秘訣、編排貼合日程的療程計劃及提供,和記錄療程數據
  • 3款智能弧形專用配件,配合不同面積的出光口和濾光片,適用於身體、面部、腋下和比堅尼部位:
  • 身體專用配件:4.1cm²凹弧形出光口,能有效緊貼大範圍的身體部位,如手、腳和腰腹等位置
  • 面部專用配件:2cm²平直形出光口,內建紅色濾光片,呵護面部敏感肌膚,特別是下巴和上唇
  • 腋下比堅尼位雙用配件:3cm²凸弧形出光口,輕鬆集中處理腋窩及比堅尼位置
  • 用家亦可因應個人脫毛需要,自由選擇較強或較弱的彩光強度,更靈活掌握療程的節奏和效果。
  • 5段光強度選擇
  • 兩種應用模式:
    一停一閃模式: 特別適合細小部位
    滑動及閃光模式: 快速脫毛
  • 內置安全感應及閃光就緒顯示燈,出光口需完全接觸皮膚方可發出閃光,有效防止意外漏光。
  • 無需更換燈泡,可發出多45萬次閃光
  • 無線 / 有線兩用,無線操作靈活方便,使用得心應手;有線操作則可享受無間斷使用體驗。


  • 充電100分鐘,滿電後可以無線使用發出約130 次閃光 (第5段光強度)
  • 充電 / 電量不足顯示燈
  • 隨附收藏袋
  • 世界通用電壓 (100V-240V)

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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I’m from Taiwan. I wanted to buy a Philips hair removal machine on a website in Taiwan. I did a lot of homework. I think BRI955 is the model with the highest CP value. But Taiwan doesn’t seem to sell this model. So I found Youhe and sent it directly to Taiwan from Hong Kong. It’s also very fast. It’s very cost-effective to buy a hair removal machine and give it a shaving knife and a mirror. Then you can use a credit card that is more favorable overseas, and I recommend it to Taiwanese.
Translated by
Half an hour after ordering, you will be notified that you can pick up the goods at the store. Of course, you have to use it immediately after you buy it. The three lamp heads, especially the ones on the armpits and the face, can be recognized by pictures. I am not afraid of using the wrong ones. I use the inspection function, and it is recommended to use 4 degrees. Being able to target the skin and detect hair is really worth every penny. Hope to lose hair after a month of use
Translated by
The delivery speed is fast. After receiving the message in the morning, I feel that the experience is good for the time being, and the body will not be too hot after using it.
Translated by
After using the bikini position for two months, there are actually not many hairs. The hair may be thicker and the effect will be slower. The effect picture of taking off once a month is not suitable for providing it ?
Translated by
Fast delivery that I got goods in next day of my order
It has a petty bag just like a handbag.
Excellent gift for girls