Duolif HIFU&RF Dual-Effect Care
  • Duolif HIFU&RF Dual-Effect Care
  • Duolif HIFU&RF Dual-Effect Care
  • Duolif HIFU&RF Dual-Effect Care

Duolif HIFU&RF Dual-Effect Care

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Duolif Home HIFU Machine 4.5mm Replacement New Upgrade
Redeem: Duolif Home HIFU Machine 4.5mm Replacement New Upgrade


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New upgrade with 99999 shots 3mm replacement head. Effectively smoothing 80% of facial lines, improving rough muscles, and effectively tightening 80% of sagging and sagging muscles.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description




使用無創無痛技術,由內到外方向,把能量打入皮下3mm 位置,於真皮層形成熱能凝聚點,激活膠原細胞再生重組,達至緊致輪廓,瘦面提眉及改善面部鬆弛位置,於臉頰、下巴、額頭、眼框、頸部位置向同一方向提拉,令膠原瞬間收縮、再生重組,緊緻輪廓。同時瘦面,改善鬆弛問題,提升眉型。(每星期1次,15-30分鐘)先塗抹「HIFU gel」,裝上HIFU頭,開HIFU模式,由下至上、內到外、以打井的方式提拉導入。6萬發一般情況下可以使用1年以上,如有需要可以另配HIFU頭



使用射頻頭在臉上打圈圈,以打圈方式將60°C溫熱感直落肌膚真皮層,過程有溫熱感覺,十分舒適。熱力可再次刺激膠原重塑,加強HIFU效果,促進細胞活力,增加血液循環,膠原蛋白會喺未來3至4星期持續再生,有效提升肌膚彈性改善細紋!(每星期2次,每次15分鐘)先塗抹「緊緻精華」,裝上RF頭,開RF模式,用打圈方式按摩導入HIFU/RF機各有三個檔次,第三檔為最強檔。初次使用,可由一檔開始。打完HIFU/RF, 記得敷片保水面膜!效果更一流。


DUOLIF – HIFU + Multi-molar RF face lifting and tightening for personal use

DUOLIF is a face lifting and tightening device for personal use which is using two technologies, HIFU and Multi-polar RF in one Body.

HIFU energy is lifting and tightening deep skin layers and Multi-polar RF is simulating from epidermis to deep dermis,

so it can deliver the thermal energy all skin layers through two kinds cartridges.


DUOLIF has two functions of HIFU and RF 

The purpose of HIFU is to make coagulation in SMAS layer without any damage of sink surface
for collagen remodeling and tightening. And RF accelerate its effect by thermos therapy with 7 MHZ premium frequency to activate blood circulation.

  • HIFU Treatment

HIFU, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is delivered into the deep skin fractionally and creates thermal energy.
The HIFU energy can be penetrated deeply up to deep dermis and SMAS layer.
Thermal coagulation by the HIFU has a thermal reaction of over 60 degree, it tightens and remodels of collagen up to SMAS.

  • Multi-polar RF Treatment
Multi-polar RF energy is precisely focused at the coagulation spots that HIFU already delivered
thanks to the impedance differences between normal tissues and coagulation spots.
In doing so, RF energy remodels collagen at the targeted tissues for skin lifting and tightening and thermally stimulates them with more efficiency.

  • Penetration Depth

HIFU gives effect into the skin without damage on the skin
The HIFU energy can be penetrated deeply compared to IPL, Laser and RF
Thermal coagulation part has a thermal reaction of over 60 degree,
it gives effect the tightening and regeneration of collagen at Dermis and SMAS layer

  • Effective

HIFU has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of sagging skin around the face, jowl and neck

  • Convenient

HIFU’s ultrasound technology penetrates into the deeper skin layers without damaging the skin surface. No irritation or downtime!







  • 韓國全球首部結合HIFU及RF射頻家用美容儀器
  • HIFU雙效護理一次過兩個treatment
  • 星級介紹
  • 已獲得歐盟CE及韓國KC安全認證
  • HIFU頭可以打到6萬發
  • 有效改善80%整體膚質細嫩緊緻效能
  • 有效撫平80%面部紋路,改善粗糙肌
  • 有效緊緻提升80%鬆弛及下垂肌
  • 促進膠原自生高達80%,深入重建膠原結構
  • 喚醒沈睡細胞,增加吸收營養力達70%
  • 激發膠原自生,飽滿結實膚感,收細毛孔



  • 原產地: 韓國
  • 機身體積 (闊x高x深 毫米): 120x285x110


  • 3mm HIFU頭包含99999發,開始時會顯示可以使用次數,初始值是(9999),每發出10下會扣1,完全用完99999發會顯示0
  • 3mm HIFU頭有機會顯示9999 (即99999發)
  • RF頭要在藍燈要轉為白燈情況下,才是發熱運作狀態
  • 孕婦、哺乳期不建議使用。心臟病,重病患者,急性病患者,感染性患者,過敏體質患者,皮膚炎症患者禁止使用,請勿在傷口處、整形部位、眼球部位使用本產品。


The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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pui ka
Originally wanted to buy Dualsonic Luxury, but when I saw Duolif hifu, and saw a lot of people talking about it, I immediately turned to Duolif hifu to buy duolif hifu. Once it was flat, Dualsonic luxury was much better. If I didn’t buy pro, the two are roughly the same.
Translated by
I was hesitant to buy it. I saw that he was engaged in activities at home, and he sent a number of 4.5mm heads. I bought it immediately, but the delivery was expected to be 11 days later. When I place an order, I will buy more hifu, 180 mosquitoes is a big one, because the skin in the near row is very loose, so I use hifu twice a week, wait for her firm d to change back to once every 2 weeks, and the rf will be the next day. I have not seen any obvious changes for the time being, I hope it will be effective soon.
Translated by
I have used it several times and the effect of the advertisement is not effective immediately. It may be a personal problem, but the whole is ok.
Translated by
Simple and easy to use, it has some effect after using it twice, and it will continue to be used
Translated by
Bear Ho
I used the left one month to comment, and I was dubious when I saw the celebrity's trial comments! But the first time I personally tried it, it has a small effect... once every two weeks! Now I want to keep staying once every two weeks! come on!
Translated by