Window Type Air-con cleaning Services 1HP

Window Type Air-con cleaning Services 1HP

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本服務提供者為政府認可註冊電業承辦商提供冷氣清洗服務,持有合格電力牌照、小型工程牌照、第三者意外保險和勞工保險。專業技術團隊超過十年經驗,完成服務後更設有六個月上門保養*。 冷氣機是過敏源、細菌和霉菌的溫床。當灰塵沉積在冷凍面後,濕氣加上灰塵便成為霉菌和細菌生長的媒介。因此,定期清潔及消毒冷氣機可以改善您和您家人的健康、遠離過敏症外,亦可保持冷氣機的效能。定期檢查和清洗冷氣機,消除不必要之電力浪費,從而延長冷氣機之使用壽命。

Product Description

Window type air conditioner cleaning procedure:
  1. Test whether the air conditioner is working properly before cleaning.
  2. If the air conditioner is operating normally, first remove the air conditioner and clean it in the customer’s toilet (if there is no location or water drain, etc., it will be sent back to the factory for cleaning).
  3. At the same time clean the dust filter and mask, etc. Spray the radiator fins of the air conditioner with professional detergent, then spray and clean with high-pressure water.
  4. Removal of unnecessary materials Arrange back to the original place after cleaning
  5. Test whether the air conditioner is operating normally after cleaning (check the outlet air volume, outlet air temperature and return air temperature).

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Jas Cheung