Nintendo Switch Xenoblade 2: Torna The Golden Country (Chinese) HAC-P-ANVZA-CHT

Nintendo Switch Xenoblade 2: Torna The Golden Country (Chinese) HAC-P-ANVZA-CHT

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Completing the forgotten history ~ experience a more complete worldview; Explore ancient ruins with the subspecies of life form "Excalibur" girl; Carry four different excaliburs to improve the master's skills and start the battle.

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  • Completing the forgotten history ~ experience a more complete worldview
  • Explore ancient ruins with the subspecies of life form "Excalibur" girl
  • Carry four different excaliburs to improve the master's skills and start the battle
  • Challenge powerful creatures and get rare items
  • Go to "Paradise" to meet the rare sword
  • This product is tutorial level
Alien Sword 2: Ira of the Kingdom of Gold
The plot is based on the story 500 years ago in this biography, and "true" as the protagonist of the story, solving the past mysteries surrounding the truth, death, and Adair one by one.

"Ira, the Kingdom of Gold" is the country that has been destroyed in the main storyline of "Excalibur 2". It will describe the past stories of the members of "Ira" who are hostile to the protagonist, true and Laura and the past "Holy Grail of Heaven" The identity of the sword master will be more clarified, and the prequel story of the game can also complement the world view of "Exotic Sword 2".

About  Exotic Sword 2
"Exotic Sword 2" is a new sequel to the role-playing game "Exotic Sword" launched on Wii in 2010. It takes the world of clouds "Ulster" as the stage. In this world, human beings live on the bodies of giant creatures left over from ancient times, "giant beasts", and build many different countries. In the game, the player will play the young protagonist Rex. As the "driver", he will start an adventure with the girl flame of the subtype life form "Excalibur" born from the core crystal homology, exploring the ancients in the endless sea of ​​clouds. The remains of civilization.

A powerful creature with a name
One of the characteristics of the "Excalibur" series is these powerful creatures that have been named. Although these creatures are powerful and difficult, they can obtain rare items as rewards after being defeated. In past works, players would have to wait a long time before they could challenge again after defeating these monsters. However, in "Excalibur 2", these powerful creatures that are defeated will become "Tombs of Named Creatures". Players can resurrect by touching and activating the "Tomb of Named Creatures". These powerful monsters and challenge them again.

The power of the sword to support the sword master
In the battle of this work, the sword master who uses the Excalibur will be responsible for attacking on the front line, and the Excalibur will support the sword master in the rear. Each excalibur has its own map skills. For example, Baihu's map skill is to increase the "botany" of collecting items, while Homura's map skill "concentration" can create new channels with other excaliburs. and many more. Every kind of Excalibur is a peaceful encounter with players, and there are even rare Excaliburs waiting to meet with players.

TIGER TIGER that can earn a lot of votes
In the mini game "TIGER TIGER", players can control the Nuopeng clan in the mini game to obtain various strengthening parts, and these are the parts needed to strengthen the artificial sword "Flower".


  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch host
  • Game type: role playing
  • Game language: Traditional Chinese subtitles
  • Game classification: coaching level/12+
  • Number of players: 1-2

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In terms of the speed of overseas purchases, it is relatively fast. From placing an order to starting, it took a total of 9 days. The game is the Hong Kong version cover, the Japanese version cassette, and the redemption code is included. I bought it for the collection itself, otherwise the price is much more expensive than the digital version. It's a pity that there is no cassette for sale in this article. It's a pity.
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The Eldorado physical card that I was thinking of, finally got it. The rare Chinese cover is really a good product in the collection. Now it is really mysterious to be able to buy a brand new one in its original form. I thought that Youhe would use the same super big box as the others, but the result was unexpectedly good. Will definitely come again in the future!
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It is the first time to buy the Hong Kong version of the cover from Youhe. There are very few that I actually bought it this time. It is still cheap. Very unexpected and pleasantly surprised. There is no second-generation standard version. Otherwise, I will have a good shopping experience together.
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Very good, very good, the cassette is brand new and comes with a special code, that is, the ordering and logistics time is relatively long, the logistics box is large, but there is no protective packaging, a bit speechless
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I bought a rare Chinese-covered Blade of Alien dlc in Youhe. The cassette reads normally and the dlc can be exchanged normally. I received the goods in about ten days.
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