Dualsonic Luxury Gift Set
  • Dualsonic Luxury Gift Set
  • Dualsonic Luxury Gift Set

Dualsonic Luxury Gift Set

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Vitabrid C12 Face 維C抗皺臉部美白粉 香港行貨 Dualsonic Blooming Skin Moisture Gel 250ml (HIFU use) Flax T-Time Jet Washer with Sonic Electric Toothbrush LG PuriCare™ AP151MWA1 Mini Air Purifier LG PuriCare™ AP151MWA1 Mini Air Purifier LG PuriCare™ AP151MWA1 Mini Air Purifier LG PuriCare™ AP151MWA1 Mini Air Purifier Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Device For All Skin Types - Pearl Pink Marasil KAXA-LIFT XP Microcurrent Beauty Apparatus Dualsonic Luxury HIFU Machine Eyes  (3000 Rounds) MARASIL The Medis Eye Rejuvenation Apparatus Dualsonic Luxury HIFU Machine Face  (3000 Rounds) Dr Arrivo The Zeus 宙斯射頻彩光提拉緊緻美容儀 閃鑽限量套裝
Redeem: Vitabrid C12 Face 維C抗皺臉部美白粉 香港行貨
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Product Description

Dualsonic Luxury Home use Hifu Machine 

Set include:

  • Dualsonic Luxury HIFU machine 
  • Dualsonic hair band 
  • Dualsonic Sprout Energy mask 5EA x 2 set
  • Dualsonic Blooming Skin Moisture Gel 250ml x 2 Pcs 
  • Dualsonic Luxury HIFU Machine Eyes (3000 Rounds)
  • Dualsonic Luxury HIFU Machine Face (3000 Rounds)


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Product Description 


Face and eye cartridges specifically designed for the detailed treatment area 


Result After using Dualsonic 



Product Dimension: 21.3*5.5*3cm
Weight: 307g 
Shot Count (Eye):30000
Shot Count (Face):30000
Voltage:100V-240V Universal voltage 全球通用


User Precautions

Before the Procedure

1. Do not use any products that may irritate the skin for at least 3 days before the procedure.
2. Use a cleanser to gently wash your face before the procedure.
3. Make sure that your face is completely dry before starting the procedure.

During the Procedure 

1. Make sure to use the ultrasound hydration gel for the procedure.
2. Do not use the device on any filler injection sites or autologous fat grafting sites.
3. Do not use this product around the eyes or the lips.

After the Procedure 

1. The application sites may redden after the procedure (the redness will disappear within a few hours).
2. Do not go a sauna or jjimjilbang (Korean-style sauna) after the procedure.
3. Do not exfoliate or irritate your skin for at least a week after the procedure.
4. Do not scratch or touch the application sites even if there is itchiness.


It must not be used in any of the following situations:
1. Child / pregnant woman
2. Open wound area / hypertrophic scar
3. Serious follicular acne / sensitive skin
4. If there is metal stent in the area of application
5. If there is bio-absorbent implant in the area of application
6. Those with implanted medical devices (those installed with implantable medical devices such as artificial cardiac pacemaker, implantable cardiac defibrillator, implantable medical electric stimulator and implantable electric bladder suppressor, etc. that are affected by electromagnetic wave)
7. If there is systemic/localized skin disease that can affect the process of healing wounds


Dualsonic Sprout Energy Mask 5EA


Dualsonic Hair band 

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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1. Superspeed delivery: arrived within 24hrs.
2. MASSIVE delivery box, completely took me by surprise.
3. Boxset was loose inside delivery box, items got thrown around a bit. Luckily, nothing's damaged.
4. All items listed were present.
5. Machine was charged already, but I fully charged it anyway, just to make sure it does charge properly.
6. User Manuals and Quick Protocol Pamphlets are available in both Traditional Chinese and English.
7. Easy to use/switch between modes. Tried out every mode, all functioned properly.
8. Heads/Cartridges are a little stiff to remove and plug in.
9. No noticeable feeling while using the Eye Cartridge at Energy Level 3 + 3hz, even around eye areas.
10. I used Energy Level 3 throughout the treatment. Face Cartridge: tingling sensations at 3.0mm mode on Neck + Double Chin Areas and in Dual mode (4.5mm + 3.0mm) on Cheeks. Pinching and needle-like sensations on forehead (above brows) on 3.0mm mode.
11. Treated areas did not appear red or numb. (Except above brows: Redness and stinging sensations disappeared within half an hour.)
12. The Blooming Moisture Gel and the Sprout Energy Mask had a pleasant, soothing scent to them.
13. Humidity is very low lately, so the skin felt dry even after using the mask.
14. 1 day after treatment: Face appears slightly plumper, smile lines noticeably reduced. Area above brows feels tight. No significant changes on the Neck and Chin, although skin do feel somewhat smoother to the touch.

[Overall: Never had HIFU treatment before. Very impressed with the product so far.]
Delivery was so fast, I received it the next day. Flash sale specials, the set is worth less than the clean machine, and the oversized box is worth buying.
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Very easy to use, easy and quick to pick up the goods.
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The operation is easy and not painful; the surface shot head is larger, and the small size will make it more detailed, and it is more difficult to operate in the fine range position; it is better if the body is light; basically it needs to be used to achieve the best effect Because the water in the shooting head needs to be in the shooting head position, it is ineffective to reverse it. The first time I use it, I don't have a good grasp, but I have felt that the skin is so elastic and smooth and shiny. On the whole, it is satisfactory and worth buying.
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I have received it, looking forward to the effect.
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