Refa Beautech Smart Hair Dryer
  • Refa Beautech Smart Hair Dryer
  • Refa Beautech Smart Hair Dryer
  • Refa Beautech Smart Hair Dryer
  • Refa Beautech Smart Hair Dryer

Refa Beautech Smart Hair Dryer

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ReFa獨有的「PRO - SENSING」技術,以智慧感應控溫技術媲美專業人工控溫技巧。透過內置感應器感測髮絲的溫度,從而智慧調控溫風冷風自動交替,令髮絲溫度保持在60°C以下,呵護秀髮自然質感,免受高溫帶來的損傷。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description






自動溫控在60℃以下的 PRO-SENSING

  • 透過內置感應器感測髮絲的溫度,從而智能調控暖風與冷風自動交替,令髮絲溫度在吹乾過程中能保持在60℃以下,呵護秀髮自然質感,免受高溫帶來的損傷。



從風筒中產生負離子 HYDRO ION

  • 高密度碳 × 負離子
  • 風筒內部安裝了純度高達99.9%的高密度碳與負離子產生器。將高密度碳與專用發熱裝置搭配,可產生更易傳熱的遠紅外線,髮絲受熱更均勻。
  • 負離子則令空氣中的分子離子化,有效降低依附於頭髮上的靜電,呵護秀髮。



  • 感測模式:MOIST



  • 感測模式:VOLUME UP



  • 配件
  1. 主體
  2. 造型風嘴
  3. 使用說明書
  4. 保證書
  5. 防偽卡
  • 尺寸: 約246毫米×81毫米×232毫米 (不含電線及造型風嘴)

  • 物料
  1. 主體: 聚碳酸酯、ABS、鋼、碳
  2. 造型風嘴: 尼龍

  • 重量:約695g (含電線但不含造型風嘴)

  • 電源: AC220V  50Hz

  • 瓦數: 1800W (HIGH 送風模式)

  • 電線長度: 約2.5m

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Originally wanted to buy a dyson hair dryer, I did research on the left and decided to buy a Refa hair dryer. This model is more cost-effective than dyson. After blowing Li Ji’s hair, it will not be frizzy.
Translated by
Jenny Cheng
Well packaged and fast delivery. Start the "SENSING" function, the air nozzle has intelligent induction, automatically adjusts the air temperature, and does not need to manually adjust the temperature, so it will not blow heat. And the wind of "COOL" is cool. Hair is not frizzy and smooth. The only downside is that the handle doesn't flex.
Translated by
The goods were received very quickly, the packaging is good, and the goods are brand new and defective. The automatic cooling and heating function is easy to use, the low wind is so comfortable that it feels like a gentle touch of the scalp, the strong wind can dry quickly, and the automatic temperature adjustment is convenient, completely not surprised that it will be too hot. The indicator light makes it easy to know the function being used, and the “sensing” character will automatically turn red or blue when the cold and warm air functions are automatically switched, indicating that hot or cold air is being used. The nozzle is easy to disassemble and install. I thought it was so heavy, I didn't feel it when I started to use it, and it didn't seem that the upper part of the multi-functional hair dryer was so heavy that I would shave my hair after blowing it. If you use a hair dryer of about 500 mosquitoes, you will feel that it is expensive, but the family has no regrets at all, and it is easy to use. The key point is that the hair is really supple, and the volume up is really useful.
Translated by
I used a Pansonic hair dryer before, but I didn’t think it was good enough to blow it out before drying out. I have tried to buy Dyson but I was shocked to care for the hair. Many Japanese websites praised this Refa hair dryer, so I decided to try and buy it. After receiving the goods, blow your head once. Once you boot up the interface, the high tech glow will show you. Use the moist mode to blow, and the head will not be hot when you blow it. After blowing it, you feel the hair is shiny and moisturized!
Translated by
Very easy to use, the hair is very soft after blowing, it is easy to dry, the negative ion is very strong, and it will not be too hot when blowing, very comfortable temperature, well packaged
Translated by