Samsung Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbuds - Mystic Bronze SM-R180NZNAASA


Available in three colorways you can't help but love. Choose from Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, or Mystic Black to add a flashy touch to your look.The first Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for open type on Galaxy’s true wireless buds keeps the noise out.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

A design that's unheard of

  • COLOR | Elevate your style with glossy finishes
Available in three colorways you can't help but love. Choose from Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, or Mystic Black to add a flashy touch to your look.1

  • ERGONOMIC | Made for your ears
Galaxy Buds Live sit softly inside the ear, giving you a fit for all-day comfort with less fatigue. Its ergonomic design is snug yet non-intrusive with two wing tip sizes for a better fit. So, commute to the office, go to a friend's house, and more without your buds leaving your ears.

Stay tuned in

  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION |What you hear is up to you
The first Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for open type on Galaxy’s true wireless buds keeps the noise out, but lets the world in. It reduces background noises without missing what’s important, like voices and announcements, so you hear more of what you want to hear — all with just a long press to turn it on.2

*Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on Galaxy Buds Live received UL Verification for cutting background noise by up to 97% in low-frequency bands.

  • LIVE & DEEP SOUND | Hear every sound come alive
Feel like you're in the front row, or part of something bigger. 12mm speakers with sound by AKG work together with Galaxy Buds Live's ergonomic design to deliver spacious sound, while the large driver and bass duct help emit deep bass with air flow that lets sound flow seamlessly.

Make an easier connection

  • BIXBY VOICE WAKE-UP | A smart assistant who listens back
Bixby voice wake-up is ready whenever you call. It wakes up to your voice, letting you control your phone without lifting a finger. Manage your calls, adjust the volume, or check weather while on the move. You talk, Bixby listens.3, 4, 5

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

  • SPOTIFY | Touch and hold, and Spotify plays
Galaxy Buds Live’s Spotify integration lets you assign a shortcut on your phone. Touch and hold for one second to instantly connect to all your favorite playlists. It’s easy listening. Half a million podcasts and 50 million songs are now at your fingertip.6,7, 8

*Requires configuring touchpad settings through the Galaxy Wearables app.

  • BEST-IN-CLASS CALL QUALITY | Words go through crisp and clear
With three built-in mics and Voice Pickup Unit, get the best call quality of true wireless earbuds. The Voice Pickup Unit senses when your jaw is moving, and as your jaw vibrates this data is converted into voice signals to deliver enhanced sound quality — even among the noise.9

Your sound should never sleep

  • BATTERY LIFE | Lasts for hours. Then stays for an encore
Stay powered with sound through work, play, and long after with Galaxy Buds Live's long-lasting battery.10, 11


  • CHARGING| Power for even more playtime
Charge in just a few minutes so you can get back into the groove. Five minutes gets you an hour, whether that's for your favorite playlist or the latest podcast. If you need a bit extra, you can even use your smartphone's power to give Galaxy Buds Live a charge while on the go.12, 13, 14

Your whole world in symphony

  • BUDS TOGETHER | Share and listen with a friend
Share the music without sharing your earbuds. With Buds Together, simply connect both yours and a friend's Galaxy Buds Live to your phone and listen to your favorite throwbacks together. The music goes on and on, on both.15

  • ONE STEP TO CONNECT | Connect to your Galaxy
Easily connect Galaxy Buds Live to your other Samsung devices through your Samsung account. When you first connect, your phone pop-up lets you pair fast, and once paired the buds appear in connected devices' paired lists. Then with Bluetooth Info Sync, you can seamlessly shift between connections.

  • PAIR WITH A PC FOR AN EASY WAY TO WORK | Easily pair with your PC
Put Galaxy Buds Live in pairing mode near a PC and get your best work done. Use Windows 10 PC's Swift Pair for an easier, simpler way to connect the two.18

  1. Available colors may vary by country.
  2. Feature can be configured in the Galaxy Wearable app.
  3. Bixby service availability may vary by country, carrier, and device.
  4. Galaxy Buds Live must be connected to a smart device with a data network or Wi-Fi connection to fully operate Bixby features; Samsung Account login also required.
  5. Availability of Bixby features and content providers may vary by country or language; Bixby recognizes certain accents and dialects of English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  6. Must be logged into Spotify. Subscription required.
  7. Availability of Spotify service may vary by country.
  8. Spotify is only supported on devices running version 8.5.62 and later.
  9. The results are based on Samsung internal lab test subject to POLQA, a global standardized test for call quality.
  10. Based on internal testing. Audio playback time tested by pairing a pre-production Galaxy Buds Live to a recently released Galaxy smartphone with settings (Active Noise Cancellation on, Bixby voice wake-up off). Actual battery life and charging time may vary by usage conditions, number of times charged and many other factors.
  11. Earbuds and case provide up to 21 hours of battery life the charged to 100%
  12. Play time may vary based on settings.
  13. The compatibility of Galaxy Buds Live with the Wireless PowerShare function is on Galaxy Note20 series, Galaxy Z Fold2, S20 series, Z Flip, Note10 series, S10 series, and Fold. If the smartphone's battery power is less than 30%, Wireless PowerShare may not function.
  14. Actual battery life and charging time may vary by usage conditions, number of times charged, and many other factors.
  15. Feature only supported on devices running One UI 2.5 or later.
  16. Compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 or later and with more than 1.5GB of RAM. Also compatible with iPhone7 or later models with iOS 10 or later.
  17. Some features may not be available on non-Samsung devices.
  18. Compatible with PCs running Windows 10 April 2018 update or newer. To enable Swift Pair on your computer, go to "Bluetooth & other devices" and make sure that "Show notifications to connect using Swift Pair" is checked.


The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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The appearance and color matching are good, the sound quality is good, the Bluetooth is stable, the noise reduction function is good, the call quality is very good, and the other party can hear clearly
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Love the product. Fits very well and the packaging was done nicely with bubble wraps to ensure the product is delivered safely along the way. This earbuds is just as good as AirPods to be very honest.