BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus
  • BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus
  • BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus
  • BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus
  • BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus
  • BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus

BenQ WiT ScreenBar Plus

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Auto dimming by built-in ambient light sensor; Specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors; Zero reflective glare off the screen.

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Distributor offers 3-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description


  • Auto dimming by built-in ambient light sensor
  • Specially designed clip makes the attachment onto monitors
  • Zero reflective glare off the screen


The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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The quality is good, the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted, the table top is bright enough and it will not make the computer screen reflective
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The materials used are real and have a texture, and the light is sufficient, and the countertop is clear, without affecting the reflection of the screen.
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Easy to use, save space and easy to install, Taiwan brands, major discussion forums in Taiwan will have more out-of-the-box introductions for reference. Although many people recommend the first generation of ScreenBar (with no seat controller), it is cheaper and CP The value is high, but because it is more convenient than the family, it is more convenient to buy the second-generation model. Pay attention to the power supply USB cable that comes with the return channel (visual inspection is 1-1.5 meters) is not long enough to bury your own part Whether there are too many USB ports in the machine, I can plug it into the bottom of a computer long enough, but if the computer is not turned on, I don’t use the light (because there is no power supply), and the other is plugged into the extension board (note that the return is not messy) Plug in the fast charger, the official recommendation is 5W power supply), so you can turn on the light at any time and use the desk for writing and reading
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The light is uniform, and only a small amount of light will hit the screen; the one-key dimming function is very practical; the wired design makes the desktop a little messy, I hope to use the wireless design in the future; there is no soft cover, if the screen is raised, there will be light beads directly into the eyes The situation appears, but overall it is fine.
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Except the light on the left is not dazzling, there is a lot of space on the countertop, and there is a lot of yellow and white light on the left. It won’t be shining on the computer MON, and it feels good for the time being.
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