iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iLife A10s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Product Features

  • Laser navigation that can be controlled through an app
  • creates a precise 360-degree scan of its surroundings and feeds SLAM data for real-time mapping
  • In mopping mode using its vibrating water tank, it automatically avoids obstacles
  • three adjustable water flow levels to clean even stubborn stains
  • If it senses carpeting, the A10 automatically increases the suction power.


Working Time: 90mins
Product size: 330 x 320 x 95 mm
Product weight: 2.65kg


Can't link to theILIFEHOME App ?

1. Make sure to select the connect Wi-Fi and loin with the correct Wi-Fi password, while entering the password, click on the circle icon to confirm the Wi-Fi password is correct. It is suggested to not have special symbols (characters) in the password. 

2. The Life Robot does not support 5G Wi-Fi. Make sure to use a 2.4Wi-Fi connection. If your router provides a mixed Wi-Fi connection, we suggest separation the 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi connection with different SSID name and passwords. 

3. Make sure the Wi-Fi signal is covered and strong, but the robot close to the router before starts the Wi-Fi connection. 

4. Make sure the MAC address filter functions of the router is disable. 

5. Try to use the "hotspot " from another smartphone as the Wi-Fi signal and see if you can connect to the App.

6. Re-install the ILIFEHOME App and reboot the router and do the connecting again. 

Confirm the smartphone setting below: 

  • Allow the ILIFEHOME App to have access to your location services on your smartphone setting. 
  • Allow the App to have access to your wireless data including the WLAN & Cellular network settings. 
  • If you are using a iPhone, please allow the APP to have access to the local network on your iPhone setting. 

Reference Video : 

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Clean and intelligent, multi-functional mobile phones can remotely control the comic map, it is very clean, you can wash the underground with water, it will hit the ground, it is really not buried by mistake, the vacuum is really clean and it is worthy of praise
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Very smart, it can be automatically scheduled for cleaning, but there are restrictions. If you pause the recharge in the middle, you will find no way. The charging board is not placed forward and cannot be parked back. You must be careful with some long carpet positions, and the sweeping head will be stuck.
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I use it every day, save a lot of time
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Because the housing enterprise is not big, and it has Dyson, I hesitate to buy it or not! Until the Dyson battery has problems again, I think I can buy it and try it. I've been using it for several weeks, and I think it's worth buying, because the house has to be cleaned by itself, so it's fine to stop it! And sweeping the floor counts as clean, sweeping all the holes, and mopping the floor is not bad. The only trouble is, for example, at the bottom of the desk, I have to remove the stool, otherwise the canal will skip over.
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Fast delivery, ordered this afternoon and delivered the next night. Well packaged. After using it for a few days, there is an app that can draw the restricted area for good use, and can also clean it in different areas. After vacuuming, change the parts and mop the floor, it's very clean. Not too noisy. Hope durable.
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