Panasonic Built-In/Tabletop Induction Cooker KY-E227E 15A - Gold

Panasonic Built-In/Tabletop Induction Cooker KY-E227E 15A - Gold

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樂聲電磁爐睇位服務 (代理收費項目,先收後回)
樂聲電磁爐睇位服務 (代理收費項目,先收後回)
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Panasonic 3200W Stove Double-head Embedded/Seat Desktop IH Induction Cooker (15A) KY-E227E has a high firepower of 3200W, which is higher than the general induction cooker on the market.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 5-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description


Product Features

  • 15 A burner total output power (maximum): 3.2 kW
  • Independent left and right IH burners (maximum): 3.2 kW
  • Unique infrared sensor can directly and accurately detect the temperature of the bottom of the pot
  • Special frying and frying cooking programs are set to heat accurately at the set temperature and automatically maintain the oil temperature
  • ECONAVI smart energy-saving technology automatically adjusts the appropriate firepower according to the cooking conditions, effectively saving electricity and energy
  • Level 2 Energy Label
  • The use of independent double main electromagnetic coils in the furnace makes heating more even
  • Quick heating key, one key to fierce fire
  • Unique porridge cooking program
  • Positive counting function makes cooking more convenient
  • 1 minute to 9 hours and 30 minutes pre-calibration time switch
  • The red aperture indicator clearly shows the position of the pot
  • High temperature warning light on stove surface
  • It is equipped with functions such as overheating prevention, small object detection and pot detection
  • Automatic power-off function:
  1. No pot or any operation (about 1 minute)
  2. No operation after heating (about 45 minutes)
  • Child safety lock can lock the operation panel to prevent misuse
  • Slip-resistant microcrystalline stone panel to prevent the pan from slipping away
  • Touch panel and full dot matrix LCD display screen

Product specifications

  • Panel color: gold or silver
  • Power requirement: single-phase 220 V, 50 HZ / 15 A; left IH burner: 3,200 W; right IH burner: 3,200 W*1
  • Volume (WxDxH): about 742 x 400 x 107 mm*2
  • Weight (approx.): 11.5 kg
  • Power consumption in standby mode (approximately): 0.8 W
  • Maximum heating power: 3 3,200 W
  • Firepower adjustment: 9-stage adjustment (75 W to 3,200 W)
  • Frying temperature adjustment: 5-step adjustment (140-230 ℃)
  • Frying temperature adjustment: 7-stage adjustment (140-200 ℃)
  • Porridge cooking program: 2 servings or 4 servings
  • Countdown timer: 1 minute to 9 hours and 30 minutes
  • Positive timing
  • Material: non-slip microcrystalline stone
  • Red aperture
  • Control panel touch type
  • Panel: LCD
  • High temperature indicator light: 2
  • Volume (WxDxH): 742 x 400 x 107 mm
  • The size of the embedded hole (width x depth): 710 x 368 mm

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.

Shipping & Installation Info

1. 睇位及安裝服務由樂聲廠方提供,費用由廠方直接收取。
2. 睇位服務收費$150, 額外安裝費合共超過$380或以上可獲退回退位費。不適用於只須基本安裝服務。
2.1 睇位報告會於睇位後5-7個工作天由我方客服通知客人
2.2 如需額外工程費用,我們會先與客人確認後才可留貨,因此貨期有機會延誤
2.3 如客人無需睇位,如有任何送貨/安裝問題,一律不作退/換貨。
3. 安裝詳情及收費
安裝詳情 安裝收費
  • 包拆盒將電磁爐安放於桌面上(不包括開桌面孔)
  • 基本電源接駁 (距離約1.5米之內)
  • 測試基本功能
適用於3000W 或以下型號電磁爐
  • 鋪設明線15呎內包括加設20A 曲架掣或 13A有擊電源蘇座連基本安裝
  • 鋪設明線15呎內外加膠線槽及包括加設20A 曲架掣或 13A有擊電源蘇座連基本安裝
適用於廚房內13A 電插座取電2800W 電磁爐
  • 費用$500
  • 費用$600

  • 鋪設明線 25 呎內包括加設20A 曲架掣或 13A 或 15A 有擊電源蘇座連基本安裝
  • 鋪設明線 25 呎內外加膠線槽及包括加設20A 曲架掣或 13A 或 15A 有擊電源蘇座連基本安裝
由廚房內總電掣箱原有MCB 取電至2800W 或3000W 電磁爐) ( 不包括加設保險絲 MCB)
  • 費用$700
  • 費用$800
加設單相20A 曲架掣或 13A 或 15A有擊電源插座連明膠箱 每個$200
加設單相16A 或20A 或32A保險絲(MCB) 每個$250
加設單相16A 或20或32A 含水氣擊功能保險絲 (RCBO) 每個$500
加設明鋪電源線(不足1呎當作1呎計算) 每呎$30
加設明鋪電源線連外加膠線槽(不足1呎當作1呎計算) 每呎$35
枪面開篷嵌入式安裝電磁爐(原本無隆,只包括人造石或木台面,其他物料面另議) 每台$400

台面原有爐窿過大,需要加裝"佛蘭"鋼片承托嵌入式安裝電磁爐,標準外框呎吋 900x500mm 每台$900
台面原有爐窿過大,需要加裝"佛蘭"鋼片承托嵌入式安裝電磁爐,非標準外框呎吋 另議

以接線型式接駁客戶提供之接線蘇 每次$50

4. 額外送貨收費 (費用直接交予送貨員)
樓梯費(十六級為一層) 每層$40
首一百米免費(平路),其後每100米收費$50 (平路);部份路段(例:斜路)收費需由師傅現場釐定

5. 離島及偏遠地區/村屋客戶,建議購買前先查詢客服確認是否能送貨及費用詳情。
6. 客人需確保購買之電器能夠搬進出客人要求擺放的位置,如有需要拆門,客人需自行拆除
7. 如需要更改送貨地址或送貨時間,請於原定送貨日期及時間最少3個工作天前(不包括星期日及公眾假期)通知客服,否則有機會收取額外費用。
8. 所有貨品如有任何送貨問題(例:電梯、入屋或擺放位置不合),送貨員不會拆盒並即收回貨品及有機會支付送機退機費用。如已拆盒,一律不作退/換貨。
9. 如在特殊情況下, 送貨員已離開單位, 要求再上門收舊電器, 需額外收費及不能指定時間。
10. 爲保障客戶,送貨後請客人不要自行開箱,待安裝師傅到場負責開箱。如自行開箱發現損壞,一律不作退/換貨。
11. 爲保障客戶,收貨時請先驗明紙盒包裝是否完整再作簽收。如送貨員已離開後發現,一律不作退/換貨。
12. 因每間送貨公司收費標準不一,因應不同情況收費將有所變動,所有的收費、條款及細則只作參考之用。
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Powerful firepower, space saving, time setting, convenient and safe, suitable for modern kitchen design
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The first time I helped friends and buyers, it was an unmistakable experience, and the customer service attitude was good
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Free seat viewing service, but I don’t need it, the price is a few hundred dollars lower than PANASHOP, which is very good
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The P brand induction cooker is famous for its durability and good quality. However, if you use the agent's position viewing service, you must pay attention to the delivery time, and the buried hole must be very accurate! If not, there will be a bunch of additional works and costs.
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