Foreo At Home Spa UFO Bundle Set (with 10 boxes mask) - Mint
  • Foreo At Home Spa UFO Bundle Set (with 10 boxes mask) - Mint
  • Foreo At Home Spa UFO Bundle Set (with 10 boxes mask) - Mint
  • Foreo At Home Spa UFO Bundle Set (with 10 boxes mask) - Mint
  • Foreo At Home Spa UFO Bundle Set (with 10 boxes mask) - Mint

Foreo At Home Spa UFO Bundle Set (with 10 boxes mask) - Mint

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只需90秒即可完成的面膜, 隔日即見水潤肌膚。
UFO是一款卓越的智慧面膜護理產品,結合先進的真皮技術和專有的韓國面膜配方,在 90 秒內完成面部護理。UFO帶您體驗創新護膚科技,改善您的氣色。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 2-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Foreo UFO 智臻面膜套裝

UFO 智臻面膜 x 1
Make my Day mask抗污染&補水滋潤面膜 (7片) x 3 boxes
Call it a Night滋潤煥活面膜 (7片) x 3 boxes
H2O overdose Mask 海洋藍潤澤補水面膜 (6片) x 2 boxes
Matte Maniac Mask 薄荷綠清透控油面膜 (6片) x 2 boxes

只需90秒即可完成的面膜, 隔日即見水潤肌膚





超級注入技術 -- 熱療


超級注入技術 -- 冷療


超級注入技術 -- T-Sonic脈動





  • 優化護理流程:護膚專家專為每個UFO啟動面膜研發的配方,你只需輕鬆享受。
  • 韓國面膜配方:研鱔紙片面膜的護膚專家研發的面膜配方。
  • 安全高效適合所有肌膚類型:包括對光敏感的人群。UDO採用超衛生的矽膠材質,觸感柔軟。
  • USB可重復充電:輕便丶易攜,隨時都可使用UFO護理肌膚。
  • 全身防水設計易於清洗:支架方便放置展放。


  1. 開啟:下載FOREO App,然後按照指引將App與UFO設備匹配。打開FOREO App,掃描面膜的二維碼,隨後相應的護理模式將自動同步至您的UFO設備中,您可以在App內直接開啟護理。
  2. 準備使用:將UFO的聯結環取下,然後從小包裝袋中拿出UFO啟動面膜。將面膜放在UFO上,用聯結環固定好,FOREO標誌向上。
  3. 使用:輕輕將UFO劃過未被潤濕的肌膚,畫圈按摩肌膚,使面膜配方深入肌底,產品關閉後護理停止。丟棄面膜,然後使用流水沖洗UFO。
  4. 最後護理:使用手指輕輕拍打未被吸收的精華,直到被肌膚完全吸收。之後在面部使用保濕產品。



The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Fast delivery and good product packaging. Buying a mask set from Yu Youhe is definitely more worthwhile than buying a beauty instrument alone or buying it on the official website! The instrument is easy to operate, with voice guidance when used with APP, and comfortable background music, just like enjoying Facial at home! Will definitely buy other masks of the same brand to try.
Translated by
It took three weeks to receive the goods. The machine is easy to operate, and the effect is good after use. After the essence is absorbed, there is no feeling of standing, and it only takes a minute and a half to complete. I am very satisfied with this machine.
Translated by
The delivery service is arranged very quickly. I will receive it within two or three days after ordering today. The mask set is simple and easy to use. There are many kinds of masks for gift
Translated by
Samantha W
[U]seful [F]ulfilled [O]ftentimes In summary, I have commented on this machine that I use the Foreo washing machine, so I pay attention to it, but I feel that the price is expensive and I am not willing to buy it. If you have a package this time, buy it right good! The mask EXP will go until April to July 2021... I think the term is short, but it will be used very well. If you have skin that is not absorbed by the skin, you have to rely on facial moisturizing, this machine is suitable for you. I usually leave work at night, and I’m so lazy to do facial on’s so convenient to have a left UFO at home, it can quickly inject moisture/cleansing/firming of the skin all the time (depending on the use of a side mask), Save the time to do facial, Yanxi is busy and Hong Kong people! In the past, masks were used to bury the neck, or even for the neck, but the UFO mask has enough essence. If you have time, remember to use the remaining low essence to bury the neck. After washing for 5 minutes, it has been done well, and it is effective and easy to absorb the stickiness after use. This app is easy to use, you just have to follow the steps, and you can compare the models yourself. I like the mode of warm and warm ground. It’s really comfortable and satisfying to tie the noodles before training! I would ask my boyfriend to use it, and a man to apply a facial mask... I will talk about the time when I use it, and I will be afraid of it. There is no excuse for Yijia, both men and women are suitable for Smart Treatment! I have tried to use it with my own mask and it is well absorbed, but it is recommended to use a thick body mask, the process will be smooth. UFO facial masks are expensive, I hope to make more facial mask bundle set discounts!
Translated by
The product is in high quality, perfect condition and well-functional, quick delivery but the speed of product prepared by yoho could be faster