KB Air Mask Portable ionizer Air Purifier

KB Air Mask Portable ionizer Air Purifier

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Airvita Capsule 400 韓國家用負離子空氣淨化機 (平行進口,7天保養,配有香港轉插) IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC3 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner - Silver IRIS OHYAMA IC-FAC3 Ultra-light Dust Mites Removing Bed Cleaner - Pink KB Air Mask Portable ionizer Air Purifier KB Air Mask Portable ionizer Air Purifier Korea Ecoguard Lite Natural Disinfectant Water Creator
Redeem: Airvita Capsule 400 韓國家用負離子空氣淨化機 (平行進口,7天保養,配有香港轉插)
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Airvita Dust Zero 負離子空氣淨化機  香港行貨 KB Air Mask 隨身空氣清新機 白色
Airvita套裝優惠 ( Airvita Dust Zero + KB Air Mask 隨身空氣清新機 1 ) 組合價 45
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Only 30g, extremely lightweight;Clean up 99% PM2.5, pollen and dust in the air by negative ions;2 million negative ions per square centimeter;24 hours after full charge.

Warranty Info

Parallel products; 7-day replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective.

Product Description

Product Features
  1. Only 30g, extremely lightweight
  2. Removal of carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 removal rate of 99.9%
  3. Remove deadly pollutants and remove formaldehyde by 99.9%
  4. 2 million negative ions per square centimeter
  5. 24 hours after full charge
  6. Exclusive negative ion vortex jet technology produces an ion barrier that blocks
  7. Stop pollen, fine aerosols and harmful substances close to the body surface effect
  8. No electromagnetic wave, no noise and no harmful ozone
  9. Suitable for patients with hay fever, asthma patients, aversion to passive smoking, long-time riders, frequent insomnia, easy esoteric,
  10. Long-term use of 3C, by plane or other public transportation
  11. Obtained certification from Japan Far Infrared Association
Clean up PM2.5, pollen and dust in the air by negative ions. Ozone free about 2 million negative ions.


Deodorizing Method:negative ion
Dust Removing Method:negative ion
Anti-bacterial Method:negative ion
Weight (kg/g):30g
Dimension (Wx H xD mm):32x67x19
Usage Time: 15 hours
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I have to praise Youhe's delivery speed, and the delivery staff are very professional and courteous. The machine is light-weight and has enough power to rework for a whole day. There is no burden to hang on the neck. The effect depends on the certification test. However, the blue light after turning on is really too bright, too dazzling, and it will naturally be much better if it is darker.
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The delivery speed is fast. At the beginning, there is no electricity. It is claimed to be 3 hours away, but after 1 hour, the battery will be fully charged and put it close to the ear. The size is small and I don’t think it’s good, but you can pick it up. It is quite obvious that the black hairs are long and short in the vortex airflow fruit 2. . Don’t know what other people’s will be like? When the blue light is on the left, there may be stickers or reversal tapes.
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I usually have nasal allergies when I get up, but I wear it for a while when I am at home. My nasal allergies are so much lighter. I hope that the device will not be good or easy to break, and the delivery speed will be very satisfactory.
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It is working normally for the time being, and it is not clear how effective it is. The body is clean.
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Buy the left, 1 white and 1 black, the 2 colors are so beautiful, small and light. Express delivery is fast and courteous. I don't know that the black version is not new, but the switch is pushed up and down, using Type C. The white part is turned on by pressing the power switch, using Micro-Usb. Each has its own special style~~
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