Nintendo Switch Game Console - Grey HAD-S-KAAAA-HKG

Nintendo Switch Game Console - Grey HAD-S-KAAAA-HKG

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Sandisk Nintendo Switch SDSQXAT-064G-GNCZN 64GB Memory Card Nintendo Switch (OLED) Carrying Case & Screen Protector HEG-A-P3SAA-HKG Nintendo Switch Cube Creator X (Chinese) HAC-P-ALAJA-CHT Nintendo Switch Game Builder Garage (Chinese) HAC-P-AWUXA-CHT Sandisk Nintendo Switch SDSQXAO-128G-GN3ZN 128GB Memory Card Nintendo Switch Xenoblade 2: Torna The Golden Country (Chinese) HAC-P-ANVZA-CHT Nintendo Switch Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (Chinese) HAC-P-AS7TA-CHT Nintendo Switch The World Ends with You (Final Remix) (Chinese) HAC-P-AM78B-CHT Nintendo Switch Doraemon Study Collection (CHT) HAC-P-A2P8A-CHT Nintendo Switch Astral Chain (Chinese) HAC-P-AB48A-CHT Nintendo Switch Paper Mario: The Origami King HAC-P-ARUUA-CHT Nintendo Switch Miitopia - CHT HAC-P-AW8SA-CHT Nintendo Switch Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition (CHT) HAC-P-AUZ4N-CHT Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise HAC-P-AXF5B-CHT Nintendo Switch WarioWare: Get It Together! (CHT) HAC-P-AW7NA-CHT Nintendo Switch New Pokemon Snap (Chinese) HAC-P-ARFTA-CHT Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let's Go Eevee (Chinese) HAC-P-ADW3A-CHT Nintendo SwitchPokemon Let's Go Pikachu (Chinese) HAC-P-ADW2A-CHT Nintendo Switch Skyward Sword HD (CHT) HAC-P-AZ89A-CHT Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party HAC-P-ADFJA-CHT Nintendo Switch ARMS (Chinese) HAC-P-AABQA-CHT Nintendo Switch No More Heroes 3 (CHT) HAC-P-AUYLA-CHT Nintendo Switch《BUDDY MISSION: BOND》(CHT) HAC-P-AQ2FB-CHT Nintendo Switch New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (Chinese) HAC-P-ADALA-CHT Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe HAC-P-AABPA-CHT Nintendo Switch Luigi's Mansion 3 (Chinese) HAC-P-AG3JA-CHT Nintendo Switch Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Chinese) HAC-P-ANVYA-CHT Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey (Chinese) HAC-P-AAACA-CHT Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons HAC-P-ACBAA-CHT Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (Chinese) HAC-P-AUZPA-CHT Nintendo Switch Pokemon Sword (Chinese) HAC-P-ALZAA-CHT Nintendo Switch Pokemon Shield (Chinese) HAC-P-ALZBA-CHT Nintendo Switch Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity HAC-P-AXEAB-CHT Nintendo Switch Mario Golf: Super Rush (Chinese) HAC-P-AT9HA-CHT Nintendo Switch Mario Party Superstars (CHI) HAC-P-AZ82A-CHT Nintendo Switch Metroid Dread (CHT) HAC-P-AYL8A-CHT Verbatim PD 100W & QC 3.0 20000mAh Power Bank - Grey 66699 Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate HAC-P-AAABA-CHT Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild HAC-P-AAAAA-CHT Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion HAC-P-AAB6H-CHT Anker PowerCore+ Speed QC3.0 26800mAh Power Bank A1374H11 Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure HAC-R-AL3PA-CHT Nintendo Switch Xenoblade Definitive Edition Collector's Set (Chinese) HAC-R-AUBQA-CHT Nintendo Switch Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir/The Girl Who Stands Behind Double Pack Edition (Chinese) HAC-R- Nintendo Switch Metroid Dread Special Edition (CHT) HAC-R-AYL8A-CHT
Redeem: Sandisk Nintendo Switch SDSQXAT-064G-GNCZN 64GB Memory Card


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「電池持續時間加長型號」的Switch新主機, 隨時隨地自由享樂。Switch兼具掌上型遊戲機與電視遊樂器主機的特性,擁有可拆卸控制器和可分離式主機,透過連接電視畫面,無論大人或小朋友都可一起遊玩遊戲,集合朋友或開派對最適合不過。將主機背面的支架拉出,即使在沒有電視的地方,只要和朋友分享「Joy-Con™」即可進行對戰或協力遊戲。

Warranty Info

From local distributor. Distributor offers a 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service. Refund or exchange is not applicable for Nintendo products. For any questions after purchase, please contact Nintendo service centre.

Product Description

  • 變身多種模式,隨時隨地給您新世代遊戲體驗

  • 新型號Switch設計與2017年版完全一樣,電池續航力大大增加


  • TV模式:連接電視畫面,透過臨場感十足的畫面細味遊戲,或約同家人朋友在客廳一起玩

  • 桌上模式:即使外出在沒有電視的地方,將主機背面的支架拉出,和朋友分享控制器和畫面即可進行對戰和協力遊玩

  • 手提模式:在上班途中等,無需擔心場地,隨時都可輕鬆進行遊戲。和三五知己透過鄰近主機通訊一起玩


  • 內置的「HD震動」將為遊玩過程帶來影像和音響無法感受的臨場感
  • 內置的「動感IR照相機」會讀取照相機捕捉的物件形狀、動作和距離
  • 一個控制器多種模式:

  • 橫握圖示

  • 直握圖示

  • 合併圖示

  • 變身圖示(軚盤)—配件需另購


  • 「無論是「Nintendo Switch」,或是「Nintendo Switch Lite」,帶主機聚一起就可透過鄰近主機連線
  • 加入「Nintendo Switch Online(需額外付費)」,就可和全世界的玩家或遠方的朋友享受對戰和協力遊玩的樂趣,也可以以智慧型手機專用應用程式連動,一邊等待朋友或進行語音聊天,一邊遊玩。


  • 遊戲資訊:有關遊戲的新資訊等將傳送到Nintendo Switch主機
  • Nintendo eShop:可下載購買軟體的下載版或新增內容等。此外,可從這裡得知電視廣告及介紹影片等軟體資訊。(香港台灣地區暫無法支援)
  • 相簿:可閱覽拍攝的遊戲畫面等。可在畫面上自由輸入文字,輕鬆分享到SNS


  • 系統晶片: 客制版NVIDIA Tegra X1
  • 中央處理器:ARMv8
  • 記憶體(RAM):4 GB LPDDR4x
  • 硬碟儲存空間:內建32 GB
  • 移動儲存:microSD
  • 顯示:JDI制 6.2英寸,1280x720像素
  • TV輸出:1920x1080像素
  • 圖形處理器: 客制版NVIDIA Tegra顯示卡,採用與GeForce相同架構
  • 控制器輸入: Joy-Con、Switch Pro手柄
  • 連接介面:  IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1: USB 2.0 × 2(底座),USB 3.0 × 1(底座),USB 3.1 Gen.1 Type-C × 1(主機)
  • 線上服務:任天堂eShop, 任天堂Switch線上服務
  • 重量: 297克(安裝Joy-Con後約398克)

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Switch has the characteristics of both a handheld game console and a video game console. It has a detachable controller and a detachable console. By connecting to the TV screen, both adults and children can play games together. It is most suitable for gathering friends or having a party. Pull out the bracket on the back of the console, even in a place where there is no TV, just share the "Joy-Con™" with your friends to play a battle or a cooperative game.
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Seeing the flash flash $2222, the order will be placed immediately, and it will be delivered to the housing company at noon the next day.
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The order is placed in the early morning, and the email has been received at noon to pick up the goods. Go to the store and complete the pick up within 5 minutes. The efficiency is first-rate, and it is worth helping again ??????
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Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa Masamasa
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The game console with high cost performance, good portability, can be taken to travel, and can be played with ringfit in the house, five-star praise! !
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