Gizmo GFK-28 旅遊電熱水壺 香港行貨
  • Gizmo GFK-28 旅遊電熱水壺 香港行貨
  • Gizmo GFK-28 旅遊電熱水壺 香港行貨

GIZMO GFK-28 旅遊電熱水壺 香港行貨

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可摺疊的壺身及手柄,100V~240V 世界電壓,適合熱愛旅遊人仕。

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Alex To
This trip is very convenient to take out in a few minutes. After a few minutes, boil the water and boil the doll noodles. It can have a little gum flavor. I hope to use lemon to get rid of the flavor.
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After receiving the shipment, I found that it was folded well, and it was no problem to open the noodles. It was a better mode, and it was a first-class trip. I bought it for $89 at Carnival!
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(1) The packaging is solid, there is a box in the box, the color is more beautiful than the online picture. (2) Easy to operate. The water boils quickly and it will boil in a few minutes. The handle can be elongated, and it is easy to fold and bury. (3) There is a gum smell (like a new car smell?), I hope it will taste bad after boiling it a few times. (4) The shortcoming of the beauty is that the wires cannot be stored in the pot. It's troublesome to bring a leaky wire when performing the Lee. Happy Double 11 flash sale!
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The electric kettle is so quick to boil (it takes about 5 minutes). I boiled it three times for cleaning. There is a little gum smell. I don’t know that the silicone is a mic, but they are not smelly. In Hong Kong, the maximum is 0.6L. The handle is elongated. Don't worry, the details are good. I bought it at a discounted price of $89. I think it's worth it. The salespersons were very polite and commendable. The product has one year free maintenance.
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Piggy Princess
I bought it at a special price, and I was very happy to buy it, because I have always wanted to buy a travel water boiler. This time the price is very good and the delivery is fast. The SF Smart Cabinet is very convenient to receive the goods, the packaging is complete, and the box is in a box. It takes a few minutes to boil the water and it is very easy to use. I love this water boiler!
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