AfterShokz Aeropex AS800 Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headset - Black

Aftershokz Aeropex AS800 Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headset - Black

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最新一代Aeropex採用了Bone conduction 30° 傾斜技術,可有效減少不必要的震動,令低頻效果和人聲表現更細緻岀色。配合原有OpenFit™開放式設計與符合人體工學的下沉式設計,既提高舒適度,又提高穩固度。Aeropex更比上一代Trekz Air輕巧13.3%,重量僅有26g,再配合超彈性鈦記憶合金支架的環繞式頭帶,繼續給用家輕巧靈活、方便耐用的體驗。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description


  • 長條形結構的骨傳導揚聲器單元、耳以及頭帶部分都相比上一代產品更加細小,看上去更加纖瘦,整體重量僅有26克。
  • 整體使用鈦合金材質作為框架,不僅輕巧耐用,同時還具備出色的柔韌性和彈性,即使經受暴力彎折後也能恢復原狀而不會發生變型,良好的彈性也更容易適配不同用戶的頭型。
  • 耳機整個表面都覆蓋了親膚質橡膠或矽膠蒙皮,觸感溫和,能明顯增加佩戴時的舒適性。做工質量不錯,不過兩種材質交接處有些地方處理得有些不夠細緻,還有提升空間。
  • 由於解放了耳朵,兩隻耳朵完全沒被遮蓋,即使在進行騎行、跑步等運動時,依然可以聽清周圍的聲響,可以避免因聽不到外界的聲音反饋而引發意外。

  • 控製鍵使用的都是實體按鍵,在按鍵佈局上,左右各一組。
  • 左邊發聲單元的側面有一個小巧的多功能鍵(A鍵),能通過單擊、雙擊、三連擊以及長按來實現接聽/掛斷電話、啟動語音助手、播放音樂/暫停和切換歌曲等功能。
  • PremiumPitch ™2.0+技術可提供到廣闊的動態範圍與豐富的低音。
  • LeakSlayer™技術可明顯減低漏音問題。

  • 採用最新高通QCC3024藍牙音頻芯片,支援藍牙5.0技術。
  • 支援多點連接功能,開啟雙重配對後,能同時連接兩台設備,實現兩台設備同時在線,無縫切換的功能。
  • 液體殘留提示,充電位置如有液體,將有警示音提示。
  • 內置有兩種EQ音效模式:EQ1(預設)、EQ2。這兩種音效的聲音風格有明顯的區別,用戶可以按喜好自行選擇。播放音樂時同時按住B+C鍵三秒種即可切換音效。
  • 內置的兩個消噪收音咪可消除周圍噪音,使通話更清晰。

  • Audrey Says™語音提示可提示用家配對、播放、通話與電源情況。
  • 可持續播歌8小時,並可待機10日。
  • 配置的電池容量為145mAh,充電電壓為5V,大概2個小時即可充滿電。

  • 支援IP67級防塵防水。IP67的意思是,在不破壞外殼的情況下,6表示該手機能完全保護內部電路不受灰塵入侵,7表示該手機在浸入不超過1m深的水下時,能給予內部零件不低於30分鍾的防護時間(並不表示完全沒有水進入內部)。


  • 設計:骨傳導
  • 藍牙連接:藍牙5.0(A2DP/AVRCP/HSP/HFP)
  • 頻率響應:20Hz〜20KHz
  • 靈敏度:105±3dB
  • 收音咪:-38dB±3dB
  • 無線範圍:10米
  • 電池:鋰電池 145mAh
  • 續航力:8小時 (待機時間:10天,充電:2小時)
  • 重量:26g

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Place your order on Sunday, August 2 and receive it on the morning of August 5, the speed is reasonable. The earphone is very light and the sound is clear, but it is not too close to the body. There is a little looseness. Try to hold the earphone and move it back. The sound will be louder, but not the most stable position. In the most stable position of the earphone, the sound will be lower, but acceptable. The sound leakage is not significant, maybe the volume I usually use is not too loud! Remember to keep the receipt and the warranty certificate on the packaging! The headset comes with two magnetic charging cables, one at home and the other at the company. The magnetic charging cable package will not connect the wrong electrode! It also comes with a pair of earplugs and a bag, which are very intimate. There is a small card in the package to remind you to prevent the charging position from getting wet. In fact, why doesn't the factory make a waterproof valve to cover the charging port at ordinary times?
Translated by
Kris C
The delivery speed is very fast, the goods have been received the next day after payment, and the packaging is intact. The earphones have good sound quality and are easy to use. It is recommended to buy
Translated by
Bone conduction can hear the surrounding sound when running, and it feels good. This headset is easy to operate, and the integrated design body can be put down when running for a long distance. #澳用家,友和 24 hours after the order is placed, the delivery time to Macau is about 3 days (65 hours)
Translated by
Peter Chan 1225
Slim and light, with good sound quality and very comfortable. However, the fork wire is specially made, so it is not the same as the normal fork wire. If it is broken/not seen, it will be troublesome. Good color is just two fork wires.
Translated by
Have always wanted to try this bone conduction thingy, what a perfect companion when cycling through the town~~