iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot
  • iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot
  • iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot
  • iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot
  • iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot
  • iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot

iLife W400 Floor Washing Robot

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Automatic vacuum cleaner robot has almost become a daily must, but the cleaning effect may not be ideal. iLife's W400 is the ultimate cleaning robot combined with mopping and vacuuming.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

iLife-One of the three largest online sales in the United States

Product Introduction Video

Handle daily furniture cleaning without the help of an automatic vacuum cleaner robot

Several simple cleaning steps of iLife W400 floor washing robot

Product Features

Free your hands

The W400 intelligent floor washing robot opens a new way of floor cleaning.There is no need to rinse the mop back and forth, and the handheld machine runs all over the house. Decontamination and water removal are easily done, saving time and effort. Truly release your hands and say goodbye to busy and tired.

4-step cycle cleaning - solve various problems

On the basis of three years of dedication and in-depth insight into consumer needs, ILIFE invested heavily to build the W400 floor washing robot. The biggest highlight of this product is that the original four-step efficient cleaning mode of washing, brushing, suction and scraping can deeply clean the floor dirt, dust, liquid and other stains.

1. Wash the water tank evenly and spray the right amount of water to moisten the ground stains and dust.

2. Brush: microfiber cleaning roller,high water absorption and strong decontamination, easily wipe off the ground dirt.

3. Suction: use Nidec brushless motor,strong suction, suction away sewage.

4. Scraping: the suction port is wrapped in soft rubber, which fits tightly to the ground, effectively scraping away the water marks on the residual ground.

Clean and sewage separation, cleaning experience is upgraded

The large-capacity clean sewage tank separation design used by ILIFE W400 ensures that only clean water is used to wash the ground at any time, greatly improving the cleaning effect.

  • The 0.85 L water tank stores purified water.When washing the floor, the purified water is ejected to dissolve and lock the ground stains and dust in the water,effectively cleaning the floor

  • 0.9 L sewage tank is used to recover sewage, effectively eliminate secondary pollution. The large-capacity water tank design allows the machine to clean about 30 square meters of space at once.

Deep cleaning of a variety of stubborn stains

Using Nidec brushless motor, variable frequency suction, efficient absorption of stubborn dirt, liquid stains, dust and water on the ground……

4 kinds of cleaning modes, cleaning without leaving dead corners

  1. Planning cleaning - intelligent planning type " bow”shaped cleaning,high coverage,low repetition,no leakage sweep
  2. Area cleaning - Designated area cleaning, " bow " font cleaning in an area of 25 square meters in front of the starting point
  3. Cleaning along the edge - cleaning along the wall close to the edge of the wall, deep cleaning, do not put over the edge of the dead corner
  4. Fixed-point cleaning - focus on the key cleaning area with a back-shaped route to remove stubborn stains that are difficult to wash

Intelligent path planning, efficient and comprehensive

W400 walks regularly according to the“bow”font route, and can correct and repair deviations in real time, achieve high coverage, low repeated cleaning, and improve cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency.

Partition cleaning, planning cleaning

Switch to the area cleaning mode on the body button,specify the starting point orientation of the washing robot,and easily isolate the no-washing area without virtual wall equipment.

  • Intelligent anti-fall - 3 sets of anti-fall sensors are installed at the bottom of the machine to identify the road ahead in real time, sense the height gap, and prevent falling.
  • Sensitive obstacle avoidance - multiple sets of sensors cooperate with each other, can sense obstacles in front, avoid direct collision, and protect furniture.

Intelligent voice prompt

Real-time voice broadcast working status and fault reminder,keep abreast of the cleaning status of the robot.

Convenient handle

The body panel is equipped with a portable handle, which is more convenient to move and clean

Product Specifications

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Although it is necessary to clean up the dirty water after using the machine, it is much more comfortable than manual dragging! The dragged land is also better than expected
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I have already vacuumed before use. The epidemic may become a daily use of dripping water to wash the floor. I guess there will be bubbles in the sewage... It feels so useful; of course there will be dead spots, but the robots are considered to be working hard to wipe them. , And not too expensive, high performance-price ratio, push!
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The sound is slightly lower than that of a vacuum cleaner. The water saving is considered to be clean. The only thing to do is to use the same usual teaching bucket of water. It is a simple flush for a sewage tank and the same reel. There is a one-year maintenance, and the price is very reasonable. Recommend
Translated by
The price is not too expensive, and the mopping function is immediately visible and useful. After mopping the floor, the water tank sewage proved its effectiveness. Talking about the shortcomings, there will be water stains on the ground when mopping the ground, either naturally air-dried or mopped with a dry cloth afterwards. It is not convenient to clean the sewage tank after mopping the floor, and there are some areas that cannot be washed. It is not easy to dry the water tank completely. For lazy people, it's helpful, but it can't completely liberate your hands, so it can be considered functional.
Translated by
Awesome! I did a lot of research on the Internet before I bought it, and I used the Li-based Center for cleaning. I originally bought Xiaomi, and the W400 scrubbing effect was beyond my expectation! Apart from Shao Shaochen and the hair are so clean, I know that I use the D waste water once on the left to be black, and the washing hair reel is black. There is a bench in the middle and the same stool can be cleaned intelligently. There is a lot of sewage and a lot of dirt on the side of the washing cloth to be cleaned manually. The ground must be level, and the left side of the rubber pad will be stuck in operation. Plus bleaching first class!
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