CosBeauty PerfectClassy Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device - Gold

CosBeauty PerfectClassy Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device - Gold

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CosBeauty ultrasonic pore cleaning and peeling machine uses ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to exfoliate and blackheads for you,and then cooperate with the introduction of negative ions to promote the metabolism of your skin.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Four modes, easy skin care

General skin problems are repeated because they are not thorough enough to clean. CosBeauty ultrasonic pore cleaning peeling machine has a cleaning and introduction mode to help solve the problems of acne growth, frequent blackheads and keratin accumulation on the skin.

Sever Blackhead Mode

Ultrasonic vibration frequency of more than 28,000 times per second, effectively remove blackheads and deep dirt, completely clear pores; skin beauty tablets instantly release massive negative ion flow, so that skin care essence efficiently penetrate pores, improve the absorption rate of skin care products, efficient maintenance of smooth new muscles after deep cleansing.

Cleaning mode

In the cleaning mode,the shovel will produce positive ions, suck the dirt out through heterosexual attraction,and then shake the blackhead with vibration,clear the pores, and effectively remove keratin accumulation.

Import mode

Experiments have confirmed that up to 12 times the introduction of essence into the skin layer.

Test results: Cosbeauty Perfect Classy Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device absorbs 12 times more than when applied with both hands.
(The data comes from the test report of Japan's authoritative verification agency IGM Holdings)

Lifting mode

The release of EMS microcurrent can simulate brain signals to stimulate facial muscle movement and stimulate cell vitality. Effectively tighten the skin, fine pores, tighten the contour of the face, and reshape the charming V-shaped face.

IPX5 waterproof

The whole body is waterproof and can be used in the bathroom. It can be charged when placed in the base,and wireless operation is more convenient.

How to use
1. Peeling L/H mode

  1. After cleansing, apply the essence with blackheads and apply it wet for 5 minutes
  2. Tilt the instrument at a 30°angle on the front to stick to the skin and slowly push forward
  3. Ultrasonic continuous output effectively removes blackheads

2. Clean mode

  1. Clean the face and apply toner or lotion
  2. Use the instrument to tilt the skin at a 30°angle on the front and slowly push forward
  3. Positive ions and ultrasound continue to output dirt deep in the skin to suck it out

3. Moist mode

  1. Clean the face and apply toner or lotion or mask
  2. Use the instrument to tilt the skin at a 30°angle on the front and slowly push back
  3. The continuous output of negative ions and ultrasound helps the nutrients of skin care products penetrate deep into the skin

4. Lift mode

  1. Clean the face and apply toner or lotion or mask
  2. Use the instrument to tilt the skin at a 30°angle on the front and slowly push back
  3. Continuous output of micro-ions and ultrasound to achieve firming, lifting and slimming effect

User Manual

Product Specifications

Product size: 160mmX 47mmX19mm
Use time:70 minutes
Charging time: about 5-6 hours
Waterproof grade IPX6


The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
High cost performance. The horny bits are like the nose, and the T zone has been successfully shoveled out of the dirt. The same keep, daily use, and the same import and lifting, skin care products are really absorbed much faster ❤
Translated by
E Ko
The appearance is beautiful, the object is light, and the operation is simple. Although it is not often used (mainly shoveling the nose/chin), when the pores are opened and used correctly, the amount of shoveling to the dirty field varies from person to person.
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A little dirt can be removed the first time.
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