CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink
  • CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink
  • CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink
  • CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink
  • CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink
  • CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink

CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device (300K Flashes) - Pink

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CosBeauty's hair removal machine has won the first place in the Cosme hair removal category in Japan,and its reputation is very good.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Medical grade

Efficient and long-lasting

Effective,safe and permanent

FDA Proven

Does not harm the skin

Official use of instructional videos

(Skin rejuvenation and acne removal machine in the clip need to be purchased separately)

The secret of the body of a smart woman

Using professional beauty salon-grade IPL photon technology, accurately orient hair follicle melanin, efficient conversion of light energy and safe dormant hair follicles. Stick to using it to delay hair growth,and everyone's enviable silky beauty skin can be enjoyed at home.

Advanced Hair Removal

Cutting-edge cinema-grade IPL photon technology directly hits the root of hair growth,accurately orients hair follicle melanin, efficiently converts light energy, and then long-term dormant hair follicles;4.5 cm2 large irradiation surface,efficient and convenient, witness a new experience of safe and long-lasting hair removal,silky beauty, and enjoy a good summer time!

(The picture on the left shows the effect of the general hair removal machine; the picture on the right shows the effect of the IPL hair removal machine. )

Safety detection,intelligent identification

Built-in skin tone detection and recognition sensor, just place the lamp head close to the skin,and when it is detected as a suitable skin tone, you can perform hair removal procedures.

There are 5 degrees of light, you can adjust it yourself

1-2 levels are suitable for sensitive muscles and first use, and 3-5 levels are freely regulated according to skin tolerance.


  • When using, please wear matching special sunglasses
  • This product needs to be connected to a power supply for use, do not use a power supply outside the 100~240V range
  • Before use, you should read the instructions in detail related to safety precautions.

Before use

  1. Clean up the surface hair of the area where you need to see the hair, and make sure that there is no residual hair or dirt on the lamp head.
  2. Using the power adapter,turn on the hair removal instrument and the power supply, and the power indicator will blink red.

Turn on and perform skin testing

  1. Press the power button to turn on,the electronic screen shows the remaining number of irradiation and the bald energy storage state, and the power indicator flashes red.
  2. The skin detection sensor is clung to the skin,and the power indicator flashes alternately from green to red, indicating that the skin tone is suitable for hair removal.

Start hair removal

  1. Short press the power button to select the gear (irradiation intensity).It is recommended to choose 1 level or 2 level for the first time. After the skin adapts, it can freely choose the gear according to your needs.
  2. Wear special sunglasses,place the lamp head vertically close to the hair removal site,to ensure that the lamp head and the skin are at an angle of 90 degrees.
  3. When the hair removal indicator light is green and solid, press the irradiation button to start hair removal.
  4. Gradually move the hair removal position,you need to avoid continuous irradiation of the same part.

Shutdown and Care

After the hair removal is over,press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off, and remove the power adapter to disconnect the hair removal instrument from the power supply.
After hair removal, it is necessary to strengthen moisturizing and protective work;within 24 hours, the hair-seeing area should avoid direct ultraviolet radiation.


According to the complete cycle of hair growth, the recommended care program is:
Use before the first 4—use every 2 weeks
5th-7th use—Use every 4 weeks
After the 8th use—it is recommended to use it every 4 weeks to make the hair removal effect more significant


  • Hair removal principle: IPL color light radio frequency
  • Number of flashes:about 300,000 times
  • Size:80.5 mm x 144.6 mm x 218.6 mm
  • Weight:355g IPL
  • Input voltage:100 – 240V
  • Working humidity:25% – 75%
  • Set a safety lock

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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I bought it in July 2020, and it has been delivered to my home within 5 working days. I bought it at that time with an instant discount. It was good. I used it a few times before I commented. The epilator is not charging, so you need to connect the plug and use it together, but the effect is really good. Okay, the body parts have become white and slippery, and the hair removal machine is super positive. I like it... ^.^ There is only an English manual in the box, but I don’t know English well, so I found the Chinese manual on the web for your reference
Translated by
It has been used continuously for three weeks, and the hair growth is obviously slowed down in summer. Yijia can use it frequently without washing it! Cost-effective
Translated by
I bought this for my sister, who has had hair problems on her legs and in her armpits since puberty. The machine not only helped with the hairs, but apparently helped kill the odor from the armpits and lighten the skin just a little. The only downside to this is that it is corded, and you couldn't stretch the line far from the socket.
Place an order this morning and receive it in the evening. I have to praise! Try it right away at night. I have done it in a beauty salon before, but the epidemic situation has been closed. I can only try to take it off by myself. I am used to using the strongest lv, which can be warm and hot. It will have a burnt smell like a beauty salon. , I hope the effect will be outstanding!
Translated by
I want the buyer to use the hair removal machine. If you meet friends and have a discount, you can buy it. The delivery speed is so fast during the discount period!! The Yanyan opened the machine, the light pink is so beautiful, and there are manuals, and the operation seems to be very convenient, etc. After a while, try the next electric test
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