CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨
  • CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨
  • CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨
  • CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨
  • CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨
  • CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨

CosBeauty IPL 30萬發脫毛機 櫻花粉 香港行貨

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I bought it in July 2020, and it has been delivered to my home within 5 working days. I bought it at that time with an instant discount. It was good. I used it a few times before I commented. The epilator is not charging, so you need to connect the plug and use it together, but the effect is really good. Okay, the body parts have become white and slippery, and the hair removal machine is super positive. I like it... ^.^ There is only an English manual in the box, but I don’t know English well, so I found the Chinese manual on the web for your reference
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Place an order this morning and receive it in the evening. I have to praise! Try it right away at night. I have done it in a beauty salon before, but the epidemic situation has been closed. I can only try to take it off by myself. I am used to using the strongest lv, which can be warm and hot. It will have a burnt smell like a beauty salon. , I hope the effect will be outstanding!
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The appearance is only pretty good. Luo will not be too heavy for his hands, and he won't be able to do it for ten minutes. This light is really good, so be sure to wear the protective lens included in the box. At the beginning, try the left intensity 2 temporarily, it feels warm and warm, then I will change the intensity to a higher intensity and try again, the effect remains to be seen
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Although the delivery is fast, buy when you have a discount, but you have to cross the order before you can use it, it is so convenient! And my fork pole electricity is 20%, don't know what happened. Obviously, the level of the skin changes from flashing red and green light to red, and I have never seen green light. In the middle of forbidden, every switch is too light intensity, request a replacement!
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For the time being, the fuselage is more beautiful than expected, and it is convenient for me to plug in the wires to remove hair. The previous special price is good for buying a thousand mosquitoes, you can give it a try.
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