Window Type Air Conditioner Standard Installation 3/4 - 1HP

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  • 安裝,試機及清理紙箱雜物
  • 有窗台情況下以膠柱承托
  • 原裝玻璃封位
  • 1米長四分去水喉


  • 拉電源及插座或駁長跟機電源連接線
  • 偷拉、鑿牆及拆裝防盜鐵枝及窗花
  • 割開及拆除大型或特別厚之玻璃
  • 油漆配色、配玻璃、拆裝木廊等修飾工程
  • 搬機上落樓梯
  • 搬動傢俱或大型電器


  • 電源需由客人負責提供至機旁半米內。
  • 上述安裝工程只適合香港島、九龍及新界區。離島、禁區及偏遠地區情況額外收費。
  • 安裝工程期間或完成後,有關裝修粉飾之修補工作由客人自行處理。
  • 標準安裝只適用於住宅(包括私樓、公屋及居屋,唐樓及村屋會涉及較多額外收費)。
  • 以上價目只適用於冷氣機安裝高度離地不超過兩米(以機身最底點計算)。


  • 拆舊機 - 窗口式冷氣機 (每部): $100  
  • 拆舊機 - 窗口式分體冷氣機 (每套):$400
  • 拆舊機 - 掛牆式分體式冷氣機 (每套):$400
  • 棄掉舊機 (所有即場拆下的舊機):免費


  • 改用古銅色鋁:$100 
  • 額外吊機或撐機(吊臂)安裝(匹半機種以上或有須要)(每對):$150
  • U型底架連吊機或撐機安裝(匹半機種以上或有須要):$250
  • 金屬水盆連1米去水喉(不銹鋼) (每個):$300
  • 去水盆連1米去水喉 (每個):$200
  • 安裝額外1米去水喉(在許可情況下):$30 
  • 減音膠雨墊(每個):$120
  • 變頻線(每條):$200
  • 改/鋸鋁窗框T骨(每次):$250
  • 拆鐵氣窗(如鋁窗則不另收費):$250
  • 配新6毫米厚透明玻璃一塊(每平方呎):$70
  • 更換有燈開關制或插座(每個計):$150
  • 有燈開關制或插座安裝(每個計包3米電線):$250 
  • 額外拉電線(每米):$60
  • 鋸防盜鐵窗花(每枝):$50
  • 窗口位置不夠安裝,需改大窗框(在許可情況下):QUOTE
  • 樓梯費/推路費(每層每件):3/4匹 - 1.5匹 $30, 2匹或以上 $50
  • 訂造回風氣槽(回風雞翼):QUOTE
  • 申報小型工程冷氣機承托架之安裝/修檢/拆卸:QUOTE
  • 鐅牆及搭棚:QUOTE
  • 東涌、馬灣、柏麗灣、愉景灣服務費服務費 (一般安排逢星期二、五安裝):首部HK$250.00部;第二部起,每部HK$50.00


The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Master Liang smashed his own glass, and then used money to buy glass for him to seal the window, but the block of glass itself collapsed in several places. I don't know if the master accidentally or deliberately placed the air-conditioner's air outlet position close to the wall, narrowing the air outlet angle. The master's workmanship is very bad, and the wall near the air-conditioner is stained and flowered. In the end, the master did not remove the trash from the outdoor air-conditioner before closing the window, and he still left a pen outside. Those rubbish and pens cannot be cleaned up now. In short, one sentence-super bad. Not recommended.
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The assistance provided by online customer service staff Kary is very efficient, with a very good sense of service and attitude. The page of purchasing the air conditioner online does not prompt that you need to place another order for installation, making the customer mistakenly think that after delivery, you can make an appointment for installation and pay the installation fee on-site. Even when you inquire about installation problems online, the customer service staff also reply after delivery Someone will take the initiative to contact to arrange the installation, and there is no mention of the need to place an order for installation, causing unnecessary delays. The installation master's installation technology is very good, and the service attitude is enthusiastic, which makes people very satisfied.
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The master of installing the air-conditioner is technically poor and the glass glue is so old that the master will introduce it...
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Before I started, I was very careful, because I was really a good friend and randomly sent a master. Haohao Cai met Master Liu this time, and Qu had already made an appointment to install the machine one night. He asked me if I needed to add a rain pad, and analyzed the pros and cons of installing it to the water pan. On the day when the machine was installed, Master Liu and his partner arrived on time, and he was very careful when disassembling the machine and moving it away without hitting any furniture. Before doing the project, I also explained the additional items, including the dismantling fee of $100, changing the U-frame (different size and size), and lengthening the water pipe, etc. It is absolutely necessary to start the construction clearly, so that many masters who come forward are honest. Of course, the completion gestures are all good, and it is not a big problem to ask the decoration master for the last little practice. The overall feeling is good, the master is serious, careful disassembly and assembly, polite, I hope that friends who plan to buy will have the opportunity to meet Master Liu?? (It is definitely not an advertisement, I really think that Master Liu should write such a big recommendation first, it is really true It is not easy to find a good teacher)
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On the same day, the two masters dismantled the old machine and installed the new machine. It’s so fast. When there is a small problem on the left (it is related to the structure of the window, not the new machine), the masters are so patient and professional to provide solutions~
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