Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Straightener - US Version
  • Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Straightener - US Version

Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Straightener - US Version

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Continuous use of Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus Hair Straightener can gradually straighten hair, rejuvenate and shine. It can straighten your hair regardless of high temperature or low temperature, and even if it is exposed to the hair for a long tim

Warranty Info

1-year Hong Kong local warranty service provided by Yoho.

Product Description

Improve hair quality at 180℃

Ordinary hair straighteners will deteriorate the protein in the hair at a high temperature of 180°C, and it may even take tens of seconds to seriously damage the hair.
However, even if the Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus hair clip is in contact with the hair for a long time at a high temperature of 180℃, it will not damage the hair quality, but can protect your hair while creating the perfect hairstyle for you. It is definitely a revolutionary hairdressing product. .

Make hair softer and healthier

If you insist on using it every day, you can gradually straighten the hair that doesn't fit.
It can also nourish dry hair and make curled hair conformable.
Continuous use can make the hair rejuvenated and shiny, and fundamentally improve hair quality.

Straight hair in low temperature mode

It can straighten your hair even at low temperatures, allowing you to choose the temperature range according to your hair quality to maintain your hair quality.

It can make hair soft and healthy even without electricity

Without turning on the power, just use a straight hair clip to gently clamp the hair and slide it down, which can also improve the hair quality and make the hair shiny.

Suitable for people of different ages

The problem of hair curling in young people and hair damage in the elderly can be improved with the Bioprogramming HairBeauron 3D Plus straight hair clip.

The above product is the Japanese version, the temperature of the US version is displayed in Fahrenheit, and the following is a comparison of Celsius and Fahrenheit:
40°c    = 120 ℉
80°c    = 180 ℉
100°c  = 210 ℉
120°c  = 240 ℉
140 °c = 280 ℉
160 °c = 320 ℉
180 °c = 360 ℉

US Version Plug

(Equires an adapter in Hong Kong use)


Power supply: AC 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 48 W±10%
Temperature: about 40℃ to 180℃
Safety device: current fuse
Power cord length: 2.0 meters
Size: height 293 × width 29 × depth 85 mm (in use)
Weight: about 417.5 grams

Bioprogramming 3D Plus User Manual
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Don’t die straight, the effect of using the straight clip Li Laqu is considered to be passable, and I won’t be flat couch all day long, it’s pretty fast and it won’t hurt your hair, and you can turn your head back if you clip it wrong
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It's even better than the Japanese parallel imports, it's easy to use, and it doesn't hurt your hair at all. It's really a great price!
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Easy to use, the effect is obvious. Warm up quickly. 120 degrees, hair clip is slippery, 160 degrees keep to the whole day.
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Super easy to use! Before using other ceramic clips, the hair was relatively dry after clipping, but after this clip, the frizzy and silky hair disappeared, and the hair became soft and smooth, just like the oil and the negative ions. It is amazing! Although a bit expensive, it is really worth buying. The goods are delivered via Panma Express, shipped at noon, and delivered home in the evening of the same day, very efficient, much faster than SF Express, and very satisfied!
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Fast and hot enough, keep until the whole day. The hair has been bleached and dyed, it will not lose color after use, and the hair quality is not particularly damaged. The only minor drawback is that it’s really hot enough, so be careful when using it.
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