Reclar  Gold 24K 5-in-1 Galvanic water peeler
  • Reclar  Gold 24K 5-in-1 Galvanic water peeler
  • Reclar  Gold 24K 5-in-1 Galvanic water peeler
  • Reclar  Gold 24K 5-in-1 Galvanic water peeler

Reclar Gold 24K 5-in-1 Galvanic water peeler

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Product Description

Ultrasonic Water Peeling

By 28k-30k Hz vibration frequency, it has great energy, strong penetration, and excellent stability. 
The Ultrasonic wave of 28kHz has a property of spreading well in the water because it fits the wave of water, so it is easy to react to the human body (about 70% moisture) and has high stability.



Power: 450 mAh / 3.7 V / Li-polymer
Size: 170 * 50 * 15.5 mm
Weight: 90g
Accessories: usb cable, user manual
Charging time: one hour
The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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The shoveling machine is very easy to use, I can shovel the d grease every day, it is worth recommending ??
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I tried peeling once. It seems that there is a little electricity. The noodles must be wet and there is water. You can use the spray while peeling. It seems that it is really clean to the grease.
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The order was closed on July 1, and the goods were received on July 3. The delivery speed is fast, but I don’t know that the sealing sticker on the box is dirty and the box is not attached. It seems that it has been opened or used by people? The items in the good color box are intact. After the fork is powered up, it works normally. Use it once temporarily to shovel out a few blackheads and acne objects. I hope that you will see the effect in the future.
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The appearance of the machine is online, and I am a super extreme element. The lump surface can be completely scarred and damaged by the sun, but you definitely don’t allow your fingers to touch the protruding grains on the surface. give up. It’s hateful to know that there is a machine that can shake away the pores and grease into the face. First, export the liquid to soften the left horny substance and oil, and then use the machine to apply the acne essence while shaking out the pores. The home is really smooth. I bought the implanted iontophoresis and electroporation machine to conduct the essence, and then the blue light and then the red light, I squeezed my hands to the place where the blood clot and swelling were all flat. The machine is really good. I rely on the beauty salon to do it once a month. I really don’t want the house company to do it every other day or even every day.
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My son has a lot of fat and rice during puberty. I bought this machine with the mentality of giving it a try, hoping to help him improve his acne skin. On the first day, Peeling shoveled away a part of the wine and rice, his skin was obviously slippery, but he forgot the image. Try scare shovel again the next day, it is estimated that Zhong can shovel a lot of wine and rice. ?? Basically, I watched D wine rice was shaken out of the pores. After Peeling, he used blue light to reduce inflammation and swelling, and the effect seemed to be good. I hope I can use one more row to bury D acne marks. I bought it at a discounted price at a discounted price of $523. It feels worth it. The following pictures may be offensive, please look carefully.
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