Yaman HRF-10V-HK RF Beauté Photo PLUS - Lavender
  • Yaman HRF-10V-HK RF Beauté Photo PLUS - Lavender
  • Yaman HRF-10V-HK RF Beauté Photo PLUS - Lavender

Yaman HRF-10V-HK RF Beauté Photo PLUS - Lavender

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射頻美容系列,備受美容院好評追寵,它採用了射頻等廣受歡迎的技術,是美容美體儀器中真正的抗衰護理系列。 它採用正在專利申請中的特殊圓形平板電極“圓形射頻技術”,通過採用專業1MHz射頻電波,從而達到深層(直至角質層)溫潤肌膚的效果。為您解決因乾燥、老化等引起的皮膚鬆弛、毛孔粗大等女性肌膚煩惱。

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Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Yaman RF 射頻再生美顏機

射頻美容系列,備受美容院好評追寵,它採用了射頻等廣受歡迎的技術,是美容美體儀器中真正的抗衰護理系列*。 它採用正在專利申請中的特殊圓形平板電極“圓形射頻技術”,通過採用專業1MHz射頻電波,從而達到深層(直至角質層)溫潤肌膚的效果。


射頻美容系列,是雅萌(YA-MAN) 獨有的新技術,採用正在專利申請中的“特殊圓形平板電極”,通過採用專業1MHz射頻電波加溫,使肌膚溫熱變得“更深、更廣、更快、更久”,從而達到緊緻肌膚的效果。

一機五用! 多功能抗衰美容器。

  1. LED光:搭載 LED光、讓您的肌膚吹破可彈
  2. 射頻(RF):採用1MHz 高射頻電波溫潤肌膚,大大提高護理效率
  3. 離子導入導出:採用離子,徹底清除毛孔深處污垢,並將美容成分滲透至皮膚深處。
  4. 肌電刺激:刺激表情肌,增加臉部肌肉彈性
  5. 冷卻模式:採用冷卻功能緊致皮膚,用冷熱美容滋養保濕。







按鍵操作簡單! 便於切換

通過一個模式按鍵,即可進行“CLEAN (清潔)” “MOISTURE (保濕)” “MOISTURE(眼部護理)” “EMS UP (肌電刺激)” “RF LED (射頻LED光)” “COOL (冷卻)” 的切換。
The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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After 3 weeks of use, the skin was significantly clean and moisturized. There are few smile lines at the end of the eyes, the bags under the eyes temporarily don’t feel separate, and the firmness of the face is good. Very satisfied with the machine, it will be worth 90 points. The unit has 6 functions, except for item 6, which can be used daily, and items 1 to 5 can be used 2 to 3 times a week. 1 CLEAN: Use moisturizing toner for RF radio frequency and ion cleaning, (3 minutes), with level 1 to 5 intensity options. Feel after use: positive, very clean and smooth skin. Usually the first time you can choose Level 3 intensity, I have tried to choose the highest intensity, the nose and forehead will feel very numb. Be familiar with it, and then gradually increase the intensity. 2 MOISTURE: Use moisturizing toner or facial mask for RF radio frequency and ion moisturizing (3 minutes), with level 1 to 5 intensity options. Feeling after use: great, after finishing the machine, apply skin care products to moisturize and moisturize. But it is necessary to add a lot of toner to the cotton pad on the machine head, so the cotton pad will dry out for a while or rub it on. Or it is most convenient to use a mask directly to make the machine, but it is better to use a mask without too many chemical ingredients and no preservatives, because it directly hits the bottom stratum corneum of the skin. 3 MOISTURE Eye care: Use moisturizing toner to do micro-current eye care (2 minutes), no strength to pick. Feeling after use: good, apply eye cream after finishing the machine to make it more moisturizing and moisturizing. Because there is no high-intensity picking, there is no numbness or tingling sensation. 4 EMS UP: Use moisturizing toner or moisturizing cream for RF radio frequency and EMS micro current (3 minutes), with level 1 to 5 intensity options. Feeling after use: awesome, after this step, the skin has seen a brighter and brighter skin. EMS UP can be used for shoulder and neck position in circular motion. In the mode, there is a small current that can be selected, but the forehead and nose will feel very tingling. If it is not smooth, choose a low-d intensity. 5 RF LED: Use moisturizing toner or moisturizing cream to do RF radio frequency and LED irradiation care (about 3 minutes), no strength to pick. Feeling after use: Ma Ma. My forehead and the corners of my eyes may be sensitive. After RF RED, I feel a little itchy and red. It is fine to use the COOL mode and apply the mask. After that, I will only use RF RED for the chin and neck position, not the sensitive and itchy position. (Remember the RF RED mode, it should be 2 to 5cm away from the skin) 6 COOL: Use the press to tighten the skin and reduce redness and temperature, no strength is needed. Feeling after use: In general, I personally feel that the nose is not cold enough.
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It is easy to pick up the beauty machine and it feels good. The appearance is light purple. It is temporarily used 4 times. The most favorite is to use the moisturizing mode and the ice-sensing mode, which can easily penetrate the mask or cream into the skin.
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HSBC discount purchase of GOOD Yaman "Hong Kong and Macau Limited" HRF-10V-HK RF Radio Frequency Regeneration Beauty Machine Upgraded Lavender Color Hong Kong licensed
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