IRIS OHYAMA PCF-C18T Air Circulation Fan
  • IRIS OHYAMA PCF-C18T Air Circulation Fan
  • IRIS OHYAMA PCF-C18T Air Circulation Fan

IRIS OHYAMA PCF-C18T Air Circulation Fan

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IRIS OHYAMA PCF-C18T air convection silent circulation fan makes full use of the aerodynamic wind tunnel principle, and uses a turbine-powered motor, so as to make the effect of air circulation.

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

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IRIS OHYAMA PCF-C18T Air Circulation Fan

  1. The spiral air flow is strong,and the wide air supply area can reach 14 tatami mats
  2. The circulator rotates up and down, left and right, to achieve effective air circulation convection effect
  3. Used with cold and warm air conditioners, it is cool in summer and warm in winter to save energy
  4. Ultra-silent operation,up to 35dB or less;with remote control, you can operate and set the time at will
  5. It can also be used to dry clothes in the rainy season,and it can be used all year round!
  6. The body is lightweight,does not take up space,and is easy to store

Effective air circulation

The special design produces a concentrated and powerful spiral cyclone,which can quickly drive indoor air circulation and adjust the temperature difference consistently. Cool down in summer,improve the efficiency of the greenhouse in winter, and can be used all year round.

Low energy consumption, save money and environmental protection

Strong concentrated circulating wind, so that the air circulates quickly and smoothly,can be dry in summer, dry in rainy season, and warm in winter at the same time.You only need this circulating fan.

35bd silent,only the wind has no sound

Like a lullaby composed of night wind and nature, summer is more quiet.

Three-stage mode, comprehensively improve the quality of the wind

  1. Low-grade: Breeze mode mute
  2. Mid-range: stroke mode,ordinary fan sound
  3. High-end:strong wind mode,slightly fan sound

Special shaking head design, six angles can be adjusted

  1. Vertical direction: horizontal to about 75 degrees,can be manually adjusted,a total of six stages.
  2. Horizontal direction:the remote control can control the left and right automatic swing.

Resin jacket, taking into account the safety of children

Fixed by double-ring resin mesh cover,the spacing of the mesh cover is as little as 9mm, and the fingers can't reach in, effectively preventing the baby's little hands from being injured.


Size:25 x 33.5 x 22.8 cm
Weight:2.3 kg
Fan blade:3 pieces of 18cm
Remote control:Yes
Power consumption:50 HZ/MAXIMUM 35 W,60 HZ/MAXIMUM 31W
Applicable ping: 7 ping
Air volume adjustment:3 segments(silent,medium and strong)
Angle adjustment:6 steps
Timing setting:1.2.4 h
Cable length:140 cm
Rated voltage:220 V
The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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The packaging is complete, with remote control and instructions, but lockerlife is really super slow. It is recommended to use Fanpai upstairs. The wind power is calculated by the volume of the fan, which is over-class, and the price is extremely high. It is divided into normal strong and medium-quiet wind power and natural wind and strong and medium-quiet wind power. The swing range is large and the swing is 180 degrees up and down. The white body is simple and stylish. It is recommended to buy.
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Easy to use... The size is small enough.. Not heavy... It's easy to carry on the side... Although it's small, it's cool enough... And quiet! The same can be turned up and down, left and right.. Buy it!
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There are silent, medium and strong modes respectively, and there is a natural wind mode, which makes you feel comfortable. In addition to the time switch, up and down and left and right movement, there is also a laundry drying mode, which has more functions than ordinary fans. The fuselage is lightweight and has a handle position, which can be moved to different places at any time for use, and has a remote control, which is very convenient.
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The fan is very cool, and the home is up and down, with clothes drying function, and remote control is convenient, convenient for training bunk beds. However, the glue on the surface of the individual system has some blemishes and some defects.
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The fan works well, and the convection wind makes the room very cool, and it is super quiet at the same time, even if it is not silent.
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