Insta360 Nano S 4K 全景相機 黑色 香港行貨
  • Insta360 Nano S 4K 全景相機 黑色 香港行貨
  • Insta360 Nano S 4K 全景相機 黑色 香港行貨

Insta360 Nano S 4K 全景相機 黑色 香港行貨


Insta 360 Nano S 4K 全景相機 助您將 iPhone 瞬間化身全景相機。社交神器,讓你與眾不同。輕鬆拍攝4K 影片,2000萬像素照片,360°全景影像。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description



It’s you. And the view.

MultiView lets you record in every direction, and arrange the best of what you see in one frame. Perfect for live-streaming, video chat, and blowing up Instagram.

Wherever you go. Bring along the people who matter.

All-new 360° Video Chat lets you share an immersive, real-time view of your world.

Get every shot. In one take.

Capture everything around you. Then frame the best of it. FreeCapture puts you in the director’s
chair for life’s great moments.

Never rattled.

You know that super-accurate gyroscope hidden in your iPhone? The Nano S uses it to counteract every wobble and shake.
The result is buttery-smooth footage that’s a dream to watch.

Ready to share. Anywhere.

Post the perfect angle or a full 360° view. Whether you’re sharing your shots with an audience of millions or an audience of one, the Nano S makes it easy with streamlined support for all your favorite apps.
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