Philips BSC431 VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device

Philips BSC431 VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device

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Philips BSC431 是 VisaPure 系列中最 Premium 的型號,專為受污染侵害和壓力影響的肌膚而設。肌膚受污染侵害和壓力影響,看起來顯得疲倦、暗啞、失去彈性和加速衰老。Philips BSC431 是3合1美容療程,有效清除都市污染和壓力對肌膚的傷害,清除污染物,讓肌膚重拾光彩。內附3個刷頭:竹碳刷頭可清除殘餘化妝品和污染物,清潔效果比用雙手高出達 11 倍;活力按摩滾輪頭可加快血液循環,達到滋養皮膚的效果;冰肌頭緊緻肌膚。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 2-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

Philips BSC431 VisaPure 

The brush has the power to clear up to 100% pollution

Today's polluted, tired skin is not just temporarily tired and dull, it's also tomorrow's prematurely aged skin. Our Anti-pollution brush combines a bamboo infused charcoal sponge with silky smooth bristles to draw out and remove even the tiniest pollution particles. If not properly removed from the skin, pollution sticks to the skin, penetrating deeply and damaging collagen.

Charcoal infused sponge draws out pollution from the skin

Charcoal is well known for its excellent absorbent and purifying properties. The charcoal in our brush is natural and comes from carbonated bamboo wood.

Removes make up & dirt up to 11x better than hands

With its unique combination of bristles, carbon infused sponge, the brush is able to remove even the smallest pollution particles, to provide a superior cleanse, while being just as gentle.

Relaxes facial muscles and makes skin feel lifted

The revitalizing brush head is designed to relax the facial muscles while stimulating lymphatic drainage. Tests show that 92% of women who used the massage head found that their skin was firmer and lifted.

Increased blood flow restores nutrients to the skin

After using the massage head, an increase in blood flow is visible with a heat camera. Increase in blood flow means more nutrients are brought to the surface of the skin, replenishing it.

Refreshing skin boost that lasts

The cooling Fresh skin attachment has a cold, ceramic surface that instantly cools and refreshes skin. It also vibrates, simulating the stimulating finger tapping movements used at the end of a facial to give tired skin a refreshing boost.

Cooling effect: skin cools down for up to 8 mins

Immediately after using the Fresh Skin head, a decrease in skin temperature is visible with a heat camera. The difference in temperature can be observed for up to 8 minutes after usage.

Increases the absorption of your favorite skincare products

Cleansing with VisaPure means that you remove more make up residue and dull and dead skin cells. Thanks to the deep cleansing effect, your favorite skincare products such as creams, serums and essences are better absorbed by the skin.

Developed together with a wide range of skin experts

Our Philips skin experts and researchers developed this device in collaboration with experts in massage techniques. Philips Research & Development is one of the world’s largest private research institutions, made up of 1,600 professionals and featuring more than 650 scientific publications each year.

The information pertaining to the product was supplied by the supplier and the Group accepts no responsibility for it.
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Very convenient! The massage head is also very comfortable! Make the skin instantly improved! The lead-in head is also very comfortable and cool! The same lead-in head also has a massage lift, no mistake! Very cost-effective!
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Buy it at a special price of HK$8xx, and get a cleansing brush. Youhe delivery is fast, efficient, and very satisfied!
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The packaging can be added with refills to avoid shaking in a box. The logistics speed is fast. The goods will arrive on the second day when you see Youhe. A set of brush heads will be given at a discounted price of 800 yuan! I have always used the facial washing machine, and I only tried a bamboo charcoal brush head. It is soft and comfortable after washing the surface. The function of the machine is simple and easy to use. The massage head is comfortable and helps absorb skin care products. I am temporarily satisfied.
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I saw a good review, and I just had a birthday offer and a cash payment rebate, so I bought it and tried it. After completing the order and payment, it will be shipped on the same day, and it will be picked up by yourself, and it will be available in two days before and after. It looks good and feels good after the first trial.
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I bought it at the flash sale price of HKD873, and also gave away two brushes for sensitive muscles. This three-in-one facial cleansing machine has two functions. It is easy to use and highly recommended ??✨
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