Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap
  • Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap
  • Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap
  • Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap
  • Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap
  • Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap

Capillus Ultra Home-use Laser Therapy Cap

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Capillus 82 激光生髮帽擁有高效能,82 顆雷射燈頭,配有650納米(nm)激光, 能針對脫髮的成因。經美國生產FDA認証 ,能有效改善成年男性和女性的遺傳性脫髮。可以隱藏在運動帽內使用,而且電池充電免提式,可家用或旅途中使用。每日一次,每次6分鐘,便能刺激和激發毛囊內的細胞,使毛囊更新,更健康的頭髮。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

The Capillus82 laser cap has been developed to provide patients with unbeatable value, treatment flexibility, discretion, and results. Read why the Capillus82 laser cap is quickly becoming a popular non-surgical hair loss treatment option among both physicians and patients.

Affordable. At just $799, no lasercap delivers a better price per laser diode than the Capillus82. Laser hair restoration is now more affordable than ever, helping thousands of men and women prevent the progression of hair loss while promoting conditions needed for real laser hair growth.

Portable. Take the Capillus82 lasercap with you anywhere. Around the house, in the car, and even on vacation, Capillus82 is completely portable and battery-operated for flexible hair loss treatment. Now, laser hair therapy can more easily fit within your busy schedule.

Hands-free. Capillus82 is a practical laser hair therapy option that does not require active brushing or combing. Unlike laser combs, Capillus82 is simply worn beneath your favorite hat for hands-free laser hair loss treatment at any time. Promote the conditions needed for real laser hair growth, without prescription medications or expensive surgeries.

Shame-free. Unlike other laser therapy domes and helmets, this Capillus cap has been designed with the utmost consideration for comfort and discretion. At Capillus®, we understand hair loss is a life long condition that must be treated consistently. We designed this laser hat for hair loss to be your perfect companion. Using the Capillus82 laser hat, patients take advantage of the most discrete hair stimulator available. Enjoy laser hair restoration while keeping treatment virtually undetectable to friends, family, and strangers.

Cleared by the FDA. Capillus82 hair laser cap is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hair loss in adults and has no known side effects. For more clearance information on each of our laser hair caps, visit the following page to stay up-to-date with Capillus FDA clearance updates.

Proven effective. When searching for a laser cap for hair loss, never compromise with a laser hat or comb that has not been rigorously tested and reviewed by independent organizations. Capillus laser hair restoration products are backed by independently reviewed clinical studies that demonstrate real results. As a laser therapy for hair loss, Capillus laser cap produced a 51% increase in hair count compared to placebo device. More information on Capillus laser hair growth and hair loss prevention is made available by

Need more Coverage? Learn more about Capillus272 Pro, the industry’s only hair laser cap with 272 medical grade laser diodes for maximum follicle stimulation and growth. Capillus272™ Pro is the first hair laser cap to have 272 diodes, which is more than any other laser hat available.
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Fast delivery! reasonable good price!
Arthur Cheung
The price is more reasonable than the one sold by sole agent! The whole product sold is a full package in a grand packing. Also, the main product is made by USA that I feel comfortable to keep going to use for even though the result cannot be found in a short time!
Buy with a limited time discount. The product description is clear, with traditional manuals. I used it for the first time yesterday. It feels good and I will continue to use it. And the deliveryman is very responsible and friendly.
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