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Biomax HairFX Laser Hair Comb

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讓頭髮更濃密更健康,激光生髮梳是現今最有效的方法。HairFX激光增髮梳專門為減少脫髮及加速增髮而研發設計出一款安全有效,無副作用的家用頭髮護理產品。 本產品利用低頻紅光660nm,穿透頭皮下的細胞,刺激毛囊生長能力,加速血液循環,調節油脂分泌,提升營養物質的吸收,從而達到改善髮質,抑制脫髪,促進毛髮再生的功效。另配有LED綠光550nm,可幫助讓頭皮放鬆,提高激光紅光的效能。 長期使用更可加強鞏固新生髮絲,增加密度及彈性,讓頭髮健康亮澤。

Warranty Info

Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

LLLT 軟激光生髪原理

美國食品藥物管理局(FDA)已經核准使用低能量雷射(Laser Comb)作為促進頭髮生長之用。

HairFX激光增髮梳利用低能量特定波長的紅激光,為毛囊細胞注入能量,有效促進頭皮血液循環, 調節油脂分泌,抑制有害物資積聚,提升營養物資的吸收,從而促進毛囊由休止期進入生長期, 並延長頭髮的生長期,刺激毛囊及頭髮健康生長,減少頭髮脫落。

HairFX laser comb is the most effective method for stimulating the hair to grow thicker and healthier. It is safe to use, effective and has no side effects
Low red light frequency with a wavelength of 660nm to penetrate through to the cells under the scalp, which stimulates hair follicle’s growing capacity, speeds up blood circulation, regulate sebum secretion, increase absorption of nutrients; hence improving hair quality, supresses hair loss and promotes new hair growing
Green LED light of 550nm wavelength, which helps relax the scalp and improves the effectiveness of the red laser light. Long term use of the comb can further consolidate the new grown hair, increase hair density and elasticity, which keeps the hair healthy and glossy
Suitable for: By improving various types of hair loss with good results, it is safe to use and trust worthy, with no side effects
Function: Speed up the scalp’s blood circulation, Stimulate hair follicles, Regulate sebum secretion , Prevent hair loss
LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss
The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has already approved the use of low energy laser comb to promote hair growth. HairFX laser hair comb uses low energy with a specific wavelength laser red light, which introduces energy into hair follicle cells, and can effectively promote scalp blood circulation, regulate sebum secretion, inhibit the accumulation of harmful substances, enhance the absorption of nutrients. Therefore promote hair follicles to enter the growing phase from its resting phase, as well as extending the hair growth period, stimulating hair follicles and hair to grow healthily, in order to minimise hair loss.
Low Level Red Laser Light
It enhances blood circulation of the scalp, speeds up metabolism, which helps hair follicles to absorb energy and nutrition better. It also regulates sebum secretion, supressing the factors that cause hair loss, in order to reduce hair loss. As a result, it can promote hair growth, strengthen our hair and improve hair quality

Product Usage

1. Before using this device, please wash and thoroughly dry your hair first
2. Press the on/off button to switch on the device, indicated by a purple light
3. Place the comb flat onto your head, and make sure the teeth of the comb is touching the scalp
4. Starting from your hairline, slowly move the comb in the reverse direction of hair growth every 4 seconds and shift to another part of the scalp. Do not allow the teeth of the comb to leave to scalp to ensure that the laser can reach the inner cells effectively
5. Comb your hair from front to back. Then place the comb at a horizontal direction and comb your hair from one side to another. Repeat the above 2 steps in 10 to 15 minutes
6. After completing the treatment, please turn off the device, recharge the comb or store it properly in a ventilated area
*Do not press the comb too hard onto the scalp or over-treat a particular part. While combing you hair, move it at a slower pace so to ensure the laser can reach the scalp and reach its maximum effectiveness

Product Warnings

1. Before using the micro-current/micro-current with LED red light function, please moisturise your skin first and test with EMS intensity level 1. You can then adjust to your desire intensity.
2. When the rollers are rotating too fast, it will reduce the sensitivity of the skin to the EMS micro-current, thus it is recommended to use a slower scrolling speed.
3. Be careful not to use the device on the same part more than the recommended time
4. Do apply this device onto your fingers, toes, throat, tendon and other delicate parts. By changing the contacting angle and applying strength to the skin, or under a moist state, can reduce the chance of hurting the skin.
5. Please removed all jewelries (necklaces, earrings, etc.) before treating to prevent accident from happening, or reducing the effectiveness. Tie up your hair with a hair band, or secure it with hairpins, to avoid tangles and causing injuries.

Storage Condition

Ensure that the power is turned off.
Please use a dry towel to wipe away the excess
water and dirt on the surface of the device.
*Please wipe away all the water inside the charging
socket and on the rollers.
*Do not clean this device by towel / wet tissue
with alcohol.
Thoroughly dry the device in
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Apple L
ok. It is a reasonable price (18 pieces laser light bulbs)
Clear instruction how to use it
The laser hair extension comb is lightweight and rechargeable. It is convenient to wear when traveling, and it is very simple to use.
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The method of use is very simple. When used for ordinary combing, it feels warm and comfortable, but there is no obvious increase in hair.
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I bought it now, received it at night, it was too fast, I just tried it, the effect was unknown, I was comfortable and satisfied with my hair.
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I just received it, I am using it, and I feel good...
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