UBTECH Alpha1 Pro Robot

UBTech Alpha1 Pro Robot


Learn from your robot; it will demonstrate yoga moves, exercise moves, kung fu moves, dancing, and much more!Download and share your content with other users. Alpha 1S App to control your robot (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth 4.0, 16 Patent Servo.

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Product Description

Alpha 1S will be your favorite entertainment companion. Entertain or compete with your peers. Have the freedom to learn, program, and share your demonstrations, dances, yoga moves, and martial arts. Also Bluetooth all your hot music hits via your iPhone, Android, or PC. The Alpha 1S has the capability to move up to 180 degrees of rotation for maximum agility.
Flexible Humanoid Movement Design
Humanoid bipedal movement simulation, small body with full degrees of freedom. 16 high-torque digital robotics servos create fluid and precise movement allowing the robot to be as flexible as a human.


RPP (Record, position and Playback) Function

Program you Alpha1 Pro by manually adjusting its arms and legs let your imagination create various poses. Simply use the mobile app alone, the RPP function will record each pose autonomously and you can playback.

3D Visual Programming PC Software

Programming software for 3D visual actions with an interface that is simple and easy to operate. This enables even non-professionals to program in no time.
Compatible with Windows & Mac OS systems.

 Young Amateurs and Beginners

Safe and strong protection. Alpha1 Pro is suitable for young amateurs and beginners due to its “finger-friendly” structural design while also being eco-friendly and made of “shock resistant” materials.

App Control

Controlled by a mobile app connected with high-speed Bluetooth, it allows you to display its advantages whenever and wherever possible.

9 Major Humanoid Features about your Robot

Advanced Engineered Patented Servo Joints.
Aluminum alloy with Pure White Servo Armour.
Anti-Pinch Structure Design.
Quick Charge and Long Play Time.
True Enhanced Structure.
3D Visual PC Software for Beginners to Advanced Programmers.
Intelligent Bluetooth 4.0 Control.
APP Control Program Feature.
Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC.