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From local distributor. 7-day free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective. Distributor offers 2-year global warranty service.

Product Description



Suunto Kailash automatically determines your location wherever you are in the world*. When visiting a foreign city, a single button press takes you to the navigation view where you can define a Point of Interest, such as the hotel you are staying at, and the watch will show you the direction and distance back while roaming the city.
*You need to be outside for GPS reception.


A personal 7R logbook on your wrist collects all your key travel stats. A quick press of the uniquely designed 7R sapphire button reveals a summary of your travels – see your current location, how many countries and cities you’ve visited and a list of them, how many days you’ve travelled, how many kilometers you’ve travelled, the furthest distance from home and your average daily steps.


The Adventure TimelineTM is an innovative watch display with intuitive information overlays designed for travelers. The animated display shows you the time in your current location together with information of your choice, such as your daily step count and sunrise/sunset times. Be always on time thanks to the automatic, smart time and location updates*.
*You need to be outside for GPS reception.


Connect your Suunto Kailash watch to the 7R App on your iPhone via Bluetooth and unlock the full potential of your watch. The Suunto 7R App visualizes the 7R travel logbook of your watch and allows you to get mobile notifications and adjust the watch on the go.


Let your adventures inspire others. Simply use the 7R App to capture your travels and visualize them on a map with photos and highlights of your adventures. Take a snapshot of your Adventure TimelineTM and share it with your friends.


What does adventure mean to you? What’s your next travel destination? Download the 7R App and take the test to find out what type of adventurer you are!