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Shopping Guide to The Best Fans

This article is a complete and extensive comparison of the latest fans from brands including Dyson, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, IRIS OHYAMA, and KDK, helping you decide which model works best for you.
As the humidity and heat of Hong Kong’s summer continue to rise, the need for powerful, efficient fans is at an all-time high. The fan market provides an array of different styles and types, making the purchasing process a difficult one. This article will help guide you in choosing the fan best for you.


Bladeless Fan

The bladeless fan draws in the air from under the fan and feeds it through the hollow ring, providing a cool breeze for everyone in the room. Because there are no blades, the fan is safe to use in the presence of children and prevents dust from building up.

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Circulating Fan/Convection Fan

The circulating fan is designed to speed up indoor air circulation in poorly ventilated rooms. It reduces power consumption while producing a large and far-reaching gust that can be used effectively for heating or cooling in all seasons.

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Ceiling Fan/Fan Light

Due to its position on the ceiling, ceiling fans are able to save space while remaining large and powerful. Nowadays, ceiling fans have evolved to combine lighting features.

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Floor Fan

Floor fans, suitable for large rooms, are the most common type of fan. Its large steering angle allows for air circulation in more places and its adjustable height makes it an effective fan to use. However, large gaps in the blade cover make it dangerous for children that may be near the operating fan.

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Vertical Fan/Tower Fan

Although the vertical fan’s angle cannot be adjusted, the tower fan is optimal for users with smaller homes as it takes up minimal space while outputting a powerful gust. The tower fan is rotated by an internal wind wheel which discharges the wind through an optical flow fan.


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Box Fan

The box fan is a compact and portable fan with multiple speed selections.

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Wall-mounted Fan

Wall-mounted fans serve the basic functions of a fan with features such as speed control and a timing function without occupying any floor space.

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Horn Fan

The horn fan is generally used for industrial and commercial purposes, with large wind and rough workmanship.

Number of Blades

Most fans have an odd number of blades, generally 3 or 5 blades. Avoid purchasing fans with an even number of blades as they are prone to resonance when rotating, causing damage to the fan. The more blades, the more the wind can be cut evenly and softer, but more energy is required. 


Recommended Fans in 2019

1. IRIS OHYAMA PCF-HD15 Air Convection Silent Fan

The IRIS OHYAMA PCF-HD15 uses a turbine-powered motor to circulate air throughout the room. It acts as a heater in winter and cooler in the summer, making it the perfect, compact all-year-round household fan.

  • Serves as a heater, ventilator, dehumidifier, deodorizer, and cooler throughout all seasons.
  • 3 wind speeds: high, medium, low (silent).
  • Automatically rotates left and right.
  • Fan angle can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.
  • The 9mm gap in blade cover makes it safe to use around small children.
Lowest Discounted Price $290
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2. IRIS OHYAMA PCF-SC15T All Round Silent Fan

With a large spiral wind turbine, the IRIS OHYAMA PCF-SC15T supplies an extremely strong air supply that can reach up to 25 meters. The design creates a convective circulation of air and saves energy costs when used in conjunction with air conditioners.

  • Air supply reaches a distance of 25 meters.
  • Three-dimensional feather shaped blade with a large surface area to capture more wind.
  • In low wind mode, the fan is extremely quiet, as soft as 35 decibels. 
  • Can be used for both heating and cooling depending on the time of year.
Lowest Discounted Price $648
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3. Plus Minus Zero XQS-Z710 Fan

The lightweight design and four separate speed settings make the Plus Minus Zero XQS-Z710 fan one of the most user-friendly fans that can be placed in every corner of your house.

  • An electrical fan that is easy to assemble, move, and hand carry, allowing for maximum portability.
  • Four separate wind speeds provide a customizable and comfortable experience.
  • The height of the fan is easily adjustable to fit your needs. 
Lowest Discounted Price $679
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4. Dyson Pure Cool Link TP04 Smart Fan

The Dyson TP04 fan, with its intelligent purification system, can instantly detect any airborne contaminant and syncs data directly to your mobile phone through the Dyson Link app. It provides a cool breeze and purifies your house all year round.

  • Constantly monitors indoor air pollutants and automatically reports air quality through the mobile app.
  • 360° sealed HEPA filter and carbon filter that effectively captures air pollutants.
  • Powerful AirMultiplier technology produces over 290 liters of airflow a second.
  • Wide-angle mode allows for entire room cooling.
  • Easy to change filter that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Night mode functions at the quietest setting while continuing to clean.
Lowest Discounted Price $4365
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5. IMASU JET-15 Aircraft Fan

The IMASU JET-15 and its aircraft propeller design deliver a cool breeze perfect for any desk or tabletop.

  • Classic and modern aircraft propeller design.
  • High-quality build and cooling system.
Lowest Discounted Price $863
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6. Panasonic F-409MH 16" Wall Fan

The Panasonic wall fan can be easily mounted on any wall and provide a powerful breeze, perfect for smaller rooms or apartments.

  • Three adjustable wind speeds.
  • Six hours of continuous running time.
  • Fully controllable through a hand-held remote control.
  • Transparent fan blades.
Lowest Discounted Price $679
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7. Mitsubishi D12-GU-SFGY Fan

The Mitsubishi D12-GU-SFGY fan provides a strong gust from a blade 30 cm in diameter. With a fan head that rotates 85°, the fan is capable of cooling the entire room with the choice of 3 different wind speeds.

  • 3 separate wind speed selections, controlled by a button.
  • 85° wide-angle air supply.
Lowest Discounted Price $271
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8. KDK PL30H 12" Electric Fan

The KDK PL30H electric fan is a ground-mounted fan with adjustable height and speed to maximize your comfort.

  • 12 inch / 30 cm fan diameter
  • 3 different wind speeds controlled using an electronic switch.
  • Adjustable fan height to meet your needs.
  • Transparent plastic blades.
  • 4 hours of continuous run time.
Lowest Discounted Price $436
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2016 Consumer Council Report

In 2016 the Consumer Council tested 14 ground-mounted fans examing features like safety, performance, and energy savings amongst other characteristics. 6 of the models used a newer DC motor, while the other 8 used the more conventional AC power. This report compares the characteristics of different brands and models, helping you make a well-informed decision when making your purchase.

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