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Comparison of the Newest Hair Removal Devices

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What type of hair removal machine should I use? This comparison will help you better understand the differences and characteristics of the best hair removal products on the market from brands like Philips and Panasonic.
Types of Hair Removal Treatment:

1) Laser Hair Removal

Mainly used in hospitals and beauty salons, laser hair removal devices deliver the largest impact when it comes to hair removal.

2) Colored Light Hair Removal

Most hair removal devices on the market use colored light technology. The principle is to use soft color lighting to make the hair follicles dormant, causing hairs to fall off and inhibiting any further growth. Unlike laser removal, color lighting removal is suitable for a large range of skin types. 

3) High Heat Hair Removal

This technique involves transferring heat to the hair in order to remove them through a process known as carbonization. This type of treatment is available for many skin types and tones but doesn't deliver the same long-lasting effect as the laser and color light treatment do. 

Hair Removal Precautions:
Because hair removal devices are affordable and effective, it attracts many consumers. But, these treatments are not suitable for everyone. Go through this list to ensure hair removal devices are safe for you to use. 

1) Skin Color

Darker skin absorbs more light, therefore increases the likelihood of burns. If you have darker skin, be cautious of which devices you decide to use. Some IPL color and RF radio removal machines are safe to use with darker skin, but be aware that not all devices will work safely.

2) Hair Color

When using a laser for hair removal, the laser is attracted to hair with a higher concentration of melanin. Lighter colored hair such as blonde, white, and gray hair aren't subject to the same effects that users with darker colored hair receive. 

3) Wounds and Scars

Do not use hair removal machine in places with wounds or acne scars as they can further damage the skin and cause pain. 

4) Pregnant/Light Sensitive

Women who are pregnant or light-sensitive are not suitable to use hair removal devices. 

5) Timing

In order for the best results, hair removal devices usually take around 2-4 months with regular use. Make sure to plan ahead before beginning to use these devices as this is a process you do not want to rush. Rushing your hair removal treatment will cause damage to your skin.

Hair Removal Device Comparison:

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