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What is a HIFU device? 1 Article with all the Answers

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With the recent advancement of technological beauty products, you can now rely on HIFU devices that make your skin look 10 years younger. But, what is a HIFU device? Why should I use these products? This article will give you all the answers.

1. What is HIFU?

HIFU, High-intensity focused ultrasound, is a new type of non-surgical, non-invasive method that uses ultrasound technology and the body’s own natural healing process to tighten and tone wobbly skin on your face. The use of high-intensity focused ultrasound waves enables the technology to get to a specific point below the surface of the skin where it reaches the SMAS layer (muscle layer). Working deep below the surface it stimulates the growth of collagen without harming the outer layer of skin. This results in long-lasting firming, and tightening of the skin, after just one treatment.

2. HIFU Features

HIFU is able to improve wrinkles, sagging, or loose skin problems. Some common features include:

 - Uses concentrated heat to accurately treat the SMAS layer, the middle layer of skin.

 - Reduces sagging and wrinkles.

 - Stimulates collagen.

 - Causes no trauma to the outer skin layers.

3. How Does it Improve Skin Problems?

Prior to learning about the benefits of HIFU devices on the skin, it is important to understand the aging cycle of the skin.
  1. When the skin begins to age, hyaluronic acid is lost.
  2. This reduces the moisture in the skin, resulting in a decrease of fibroblasts. 
  3. As a result, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin is reduced. 
  4. Because of that, various factors can age the skin. For example, UV light causes the skin to age, you begin to lose pigmentation, and wrinkles or sagging begins to appear. 
When the skin ages, the biggest change occurs in the superficial tendon system, known as the dermis. Degeneration of the dermis is what causes most of the skin aging. The HIFU device targets the dermis layer, preventing further aging from occurring and reducing problems such as wrinkling and sagging. 

4. Why Purchase a HIFU Device?

In addition to the wonderful skin benefits the HIFU device delivers, here are more reasons why this machine is the way to go.

- Compact Body: The HIFU device has a small, easily portable body that makes storing it at home painless. 

- Painless: The HIFU device provides painless treatment when in use. There is no need to endure pain to be beautiful!

- Cost-Effective: Instead of spending a large sum of money at a beauty salon, using a HIFU device can get you the same results for a much lower cost.  

- Intimate Care: Users can focus their treatment on specific positions according to their preferences.

- Fast: Complete an entire treatment in only 10 minutes. 

5. How Does HIFU Compare to RF Devices?

HIFU and RF devices are the two most popular beauty devices in the market. Here are some different characteristics of the two:

1. The HIFU and RF devices use different technologies to heat up the deep skin tissues. HIFU delivers more precise and more intense fractional ultrasound energy while RF is based on a bulk heating strategy.

2. HIFU goes much deeper into and beyond the dermis, being able to reach the SMAS layer. RF, on the other hand, will not go as deep as HIFU. It focuses on epidermal layers and does not go beyond the deep dermis.

3. HIFU is generally performed as a single treatment RF may require several sessions. The exact frequency of either of those treatments will depend on the type of device used and your skin conditions such as its current elasticity or your genetic heritage.

4. The use of ultrasound energy in cosmetic procedures is a relatively new practice. So in terms of aesthetic facial rejuvenation, RF has been around much longer.

Dualsonic Home HIFU Beauty Machine

Known for its exquisite design and elegant curves, the dual sonic luxury home HIFU device provides safe and easy skincare at home. The use of breakthrough technological research helps reduce wrinkles, moisturize the skin, and improve facial lifting amongst many other benefits. The HIFU device comes with cartridges specialized in reaching difficult areas of the face, including the side of the nose and eyes. The natural grip, compact size, and one-touch operation of the dual sonic luxury home HIFU device allow for one-hand usage anytime anywhere.

Artemis Home HIFU Machine

ARTEMIS uses new Japanese technology to deliver a simple, fast facial massage with precise safety settings and higher sustained effects. 

HIFU Device Comparison:

  Dualsonic Luxury Dualsonic Professional Ultralif Artemis
Origin Korea Korea Korea Korea
Price   HK$14,990 HK$24,990 HK$12,500 ~HK$15750 (225,000円)
Level   3 levels 5 levels 5 levels 5 levels
Depth 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, and Dual mode
(3mm and 4.5mm)
1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, and Dual mode
(3mm and 4.5mm)
2.5mm 3mm
Face Cartridge 3000 shots,
20 dots per shot
6000 shots,
20 dots per shot
3000 shots,
13 dots per shot
5100 shots,
12 dots per shot
Eye Cartridge (1.5mm) 30000 shots,
1-3 dots per shot
60000 shots,
1-3 dots per shot  
No No
Size   Handy and chargeable Handy and chargeable Handy and chargeable Large and

It is easy to be beautiful! With the HIFU device, you don't need to rely on other people, and you can do it all at home in a matter of minutes!

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