Feiyu FY-SUMMON 三軸手持穩定器連運動相機 香港行貨
  • Feiyu FY-SUMMON 三軸手持穩定器連運動相機 香港行貨

Feiyu FY-SUMMON 三軸手持穩定器連運動相機 香港行貨

本店售價 HK$ 2940 HK$ 3190 節省 HK$ 250
最低 HK$ 2852 *必須以現金付款/ATM轉帳/網上銀行轉帳
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奬賞 2940 積分


  • 暫時缺貨,接受網上訂單。


  • 接受網上訂單, 一般於 3 個工作天內出貨。
  • 派送時間只適用於香港地區,海外送貨時效較長。


Bring all-metal body and structural parts modeling machine super rigidity to ensure the best stabilization effect.




Silent cooling, received perfect sound

The camera with metal body and repid thermal, fanless design, combined with built-in cooling technology, minimized the camera noise operation, to meet the needs of high-quality sound income.

The ingenuity of the composition

Distinctive design has great originality to solve a handheld gimbal motor arm occlusion motion camera display . Camera display is 100% visible. With the display, the composition can be fulfilled, no need a mobile phone or any other equipment , convenient to cumbersome.

Integrated with fill flash LED

The front of camera integrated fill flash, it can auto lighting at night or under the low light environment, reserving more details and information for the shoot.

One Button to record all wonderful scene

With the one-button, users could blindly operate and quickly shoot.

More comfortable handle part

The introduction of ergonomics design makes the handle more comfortable, silicone around the handle reduce the discomfort of temperature variation to the extreme extent.

Upside down seamless switching

Through advanced algorithm innovation and ingenious design, inverted mode switch can be done seamless. Scene change without any pause and delay. Significant breakthrough in this industry.

Time-lapse movement accurate and stable

Precision brushless motor with Feiyu G platform latest algorithm, enabling the camera to a predetermined rotational angular velocity accurately, with time-lapse photography technology, to bring the new creators motion time-lapse photography works.

One tap get panorama share immediately

One tap, get 360 degrees full view, use app share to Social channels.

Multilevel menu, easy operate

Joystick control the camera menu, use camera back screen, set the parameter of camera and gimbal.

Combine with software and hardware better experience

Combine with hardware’s characteristic develop the App, software and hardware integrate the function of gimbals and video camera, reduce the operation, make better experience.

Remote set smart operate

Characteristic develop the App, through WIFI remote set the camera and gimbal, combine the gesture recognition tech smart operate the camera.

Charging by USB and last working time

Easily can be charged by Mobile Power Pack.




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