Palit GT730 DDR3 1GB 顯示卡 (NEAT7300HD06-2080F) 香港行貨
  • Palit GT730 DDR3 1GB 顯示卡 (NEAT7300HD06-2080F) 香港行貨

Palit GT730 DDR3 1GB 顯示卡 (NEAT7300HD06-2080F) 香港行貨

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奬賞 349 積分


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Speed up your PC multimedia experience. Upgrade from integrated graphics to the new NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730 dedicated card and enjoy faster PC gaming, video, photos, and web.




Your whole PC experience - a whole lot faster

NVIDIA GeForce GT accelerates your entire PC experience. With a powerful graphics engine and state-of-the-art technologies, the GT 740 and GT 730 GPUs provide a performance upgrade to drive today’s most demanding PC applications.

Stunning multimedia

Upgrade from integrated graphics to supercharge your multimedia experience, including up to 10x faster video editing, 9x faster web browsing, and 13x faster photo editing of your videos and pictures at HD resolutions. Plus, drive up to three HD displays with a single card.

Rock-solid reliability

GeForce GT is also compatible with GeForce Experience™, which provides industry-leading NVIDIA drivers for optimal performance and best-in-class stability—all with one-click convenience.

Better gaming

For serious gaming, we recommend GeForce GTX graphics cards. However, the GeForce GT 700 series of graphics cards give you up to 4x performance advantage over integrated graphics. This means you can play modern games like World of Tanks and Infinite Crisis faster, smoother, and with rock-solid driver support.


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