Rollei 基本固定座 (21609)
  • Rollei 基本固定座 (21609)

Rollei 基本固定座 (21609)

本店售價 HK$ 128
最低 HK$ 125 *必須以現金付款/ATM轉帳/網上銀行轉帳
奬賞 128 積分


  • 暫時缺貨,接受網上訂單。


  • 接受網上訂單, 一般於 5 個工作天內出貨。
  • 派送時間只適用於香港地區,海外送貨時效較長。


The Rollei Actioncam Mount Basic features the unique ""Safety Release System"" (SRS). If a crash or fall occurs, the camera will separate from the mount. This dramatically reduces the chances of severe injuries and protects your equipment. The entire kit




The Rollei Actioncam Mount Basic assures superior levels of stability with your action cam footage. This mount is perfect for everything from cycling, running, hiking to skydiving etc. This flexible mount is able to support an impressive 650g. Rollei action cameras and other devices such as GoPro are compatible. Including both curved and flat attachment pads, the mount can be attached to many surfaces, from a surfboard to a bike helmet with stickers produced by 3M. Built to last, the mount is made from materials resistant to both salt water and corrosion. Designed with the needs of the rugged outdoors enthusiast in mind, it is perfect for challenging environments.

Product Features

  • Camera mount for a flexible attachment
  • Max. load of 650 g
  • Incl. Safe Release System (SRS)
  • GoPro compatible


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