Rollei 專業自行車頭盔固定座 (21626)
  • Rollei 專業自行車頭盔固定座 (21626)

Rollei 專業自行車頭盔固定座 (21626)

本店售價 HK$ 498
最低 HK$ 484
奬賞 498 積分
免費提貨點自取; 購物滿HK$1000 速遞免運費


  • 暫時缺貨,接受網上訂單。


  • 接受網上訂單,下午4點前確認付款,將於 5 個工作天內出貨。
  • 派送時間只適用於香港地區,海外送貨時效較長。


The exceptionally high stability it offers and its safety design are sure to impress. This is the perfect accessory for your next cycling adventure.




The Rollei Helmet Mount Bicycle Pro is made for cyclists who want to capture their cycling action in all its glory. Designed to be fitted easily and quickly to your bike helmet, the mount allows you to capture sharp and vibration-free videos from your point of view.
The helmet mount boasts improved performance over handlebar fitted mounting systems. Softening the results of tire impacts, the Rollei Helmet Mount Bicycle Pro is great for use with a mountain bike over tough terrain, but performs equally well with other bicycles. The device can be fitted to any helmet without adhesives, so you can switch it around with ease.

Well adapted for use in tough environments like cobbles and mountain tracks, the Rollei Helmet Mount Bicycle Pro is designed to provide maximum safety. The mount includes the patented safety release system which detaches the camera at pre-determined points under impact. This saves you from potentially serious injury as it will prevent your head and neck from being caught in the surrounding terrain.

Product Features

  • Specially designed mount for bicycle helmets
  • Constructed for extreme use
  • Perfect hold and extremely high stability
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Maximum load: 330 g
  • Dimensions: 145 x 85 x 25 mm, Weight: 152 g
  • GoPro Compatible