Rollei 410 運動攝影機 (40280) 香港行貨
  • Rollei 410 運動攝影機 (40280) 香港行貨

Rollei 410 運動攝影機 (40280) 香港行貨

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The Rollei Actioncam 410 is the complete package for entry level users. With amazing video quality and durability, this action cam is the perfect companion for every thrilling moment.




The Rollei Actioncam 410 is the ultimate entry level action camera. Offering professional quality full HD at fps 1080p(60) and 720p(120), recording crystal clear and jaw dropping visuals is easier than ever. Featuring additional features such as burst mode, you can capture each exciting experience just the way you want it. Weighing at around 78g, the Actioncam 410 is extremely lightweight and portable. However, this does not sacrifice durability as the camera is built to withstand rugged conditions. The included water proof casing is weather resistant, protects your action cam from scratches and water up to depths of 40m. The Actioncam 410 simply can go to where your phones can’t. Compatible with an extensive range of Rollei mounts and accessories such as the Chest mount Prowear or the Helmet Mount Sports Pro, shooting possibilities are limitless.

The Rollei Actioncam 410 comes with a wide range of useful accessories. Included is the Rollei Safety Pad - a revolutionary device for your action cam’s mount. Developed by Rollei with Tormaxx and patented in Germany, this device steadily holds your action cam whilst allowing the mount to break free in the event of an accident. This prevents your body, especially your neck and head from being caught in the environment, dramatically reducing the chance of critical injuries. This feature is unique to Rollei’s mounts and is not found on any other action cam mounts in the market currently.

The action cam also includes a WiFi mode to connect with the 410 app on smartphones. You can view your captured videos, stills and change your cam’s settings with the tap of a finger. The 410 also includes a wireless wrist remote to control your camera to keep your hands free.

Product Features

  • 1080p (60fps) Full HD recording, capturing lifelike footage
  • 150 degrees wide angle lens for a more immersive shot
  • Includes single and burst mode for photos
  • Includes wifi function, control your actioncam through your smartphone
  • Extremely durable protective casing. Waterproof up to depths of 40m
  • Weighs 78g only
  • Includes unique accessories such as Rollei safety pad and wrist remote


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