Valera Swiss bebe 電風筒 香港行貨
  • Valera Swiss bebe 電風筒 香港行貨

Valera Swiss bebe 電風筒 香港行貨

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Valera Swiss bebe is especially designed for baby care.Drying a baby's hair and body with safe, gentle and quiet.




Drying a baby's fine hair: with swiss Bebe in a gentle and safe way

It is essential to be safe and gentle when taking care of a baby. A baby's hair is usually like soft down; and the scalp is very sensitive. A high noise level and a harsh air flow are unpleasant to a baby and could even give the baby a fright.This is why Valera is now bringing a new hairdryer onto the market, especially designed for baby care.


Low noise level: only 68 dBA (78 dBA for standard hairdryers)
This compact (12 cm long) and light (310 g) dryer fits comfortably in the hand and offers extra protection thanks to its on/off safety button: the hairdryer only operates if the button on the front of the handle is held in.

Swiss Bébé: the ultra-delicate infant hair & body dryer. Swiss Made by VALERA, the Swiss hair specialist since 1955.

你以為只有女生才要Set頭? 那你就大錯特錯了!


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