Gyms Silky HWP-33SL Hydrogen Water Generator
  • Gyms Silky HWP-33SL Hydrogen Water Generator

Gyms Silky HWP-33SL Hydrogen Water Generator

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Gyms Silky 充電式攜帶型水素水生成器是目前被日本國家認可的高濃度水素產品。可以將飲用水轉化成對身體有益的水素水,氫氣濃度3分鐘可達到900ppb。這種物質能有效增強肌膚抵抗力,深層補水,清除細胞內的自由基。

Warranty Info

Imported from Japan; 7-day free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective; 1-year warranty from Japan brand/distributor, customer can contact Japan side on your own or through Yoho, if through Yoho, HK$300 will be charged for return freight. Please keep original package and warranty card.

Product Description

清除自由基 改善皮膚質素

自由基是一種衰老因子,它作用於皮膚就會加速皮膚衰老,使皮膚乾燥,粗糙, 以至容易留下痘印,疤印。水素可以清自由基,並修復全身受損細胞,延緩肌膚衰老。

What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen-rich water (or hydrogen water as it is called in Japan) is colorless, odorless, tasteless water with a high concentration of hydrogen. Generally, hydrogen-rich water is made through electrolysis. Electrolysis can result in two types of water, one with higher concentrations of oxygen (acidic electrolyzed water) and one with higher concentrations of hydrogen (alkaline electrolyzed water).

Is Hydrogen-Rich Water Really Good for Your Health?

The general link between hydrogen-rich water and health is the claim that hydrogen is a reducing agent. In other words hydrogen fights oxidation (anti-oxidant), which is a source of aging and has been attributed to degenerative diseases in the human body.

While more verified experimentation is definitely needed, there is an existing body of published science that indicates hydrogen-rich water can be good for your health in a number of ways. Of course, everyone should consult their physician before making any significant lifestyle or diet changes.

Better Sports Performance by Limiting Lactic Acid

When you work out intensely, your muscles contract, causing oxidative stress. This can lead to signs of overtraining, which include muscle microinjuries, fatigue, and inflammation.

Hydrogen is believed to be an antioxidant. Researchers in 2012 performed a double-blined test on 10 soccer players, giving them hydrogen-rich water. The patients given hydrogen water isntead of the placebo demonstrated lower levels of lactate in their blood.
High concentration hydrogen water anywhere with ease at any time! The industry's first, it can also be used in hot water! Hydrogen is very delicate. Hydrogen contained in the hydrogen water is not put in confinement in bottles and glass bottles. The birth in order to enjoy the easy fresh hydrogen water! Special ceramic reduce household power the odor of tap water in the mounted of course, adopted the easy care proprietary electrolysis system with a simple charging waterproof with USB support, you


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