Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard

Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard

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Razer’s award-winning, proprietary Switchblade User Interface puts more control in your hands with ten dynamic adaptive tactile keys and an LCD panel. Bind an unlimited number of commands, macros, skills, spells, and any other control you need to ten tact

Warranty Info

From local distributor. 7-day free replacement guarantee for manufacturer defective. Distributor offers 1-year Hong Kong local warranty service.

Product Description

10 Key Rollover in gaming mode

Actuate as many keys as you have fingers, and have all of them register accurately and quickly in game. With the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate’s anti-ghosting capabilities, you can deliver overwhelming destruction to your opponents, and ensure that every command is registered and executed perfectly.

Razer Synapse 2.0

Razer Synapse 2.0 is cutting-edge, intuitive software that functions as the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate’s brain, automatically syncing the gaming keyboard to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updates, while saving your individual settings. Sync your custom settings and macros automatically with this unified configurator, allowing customization of all your Razer products with a single login.


Game Timer
This app allows you to create countdown timers to keep track of events and cooldowns in-game.  Know exactly when neutral creeps respawn or time your raids with this easily programmable app. Never miss out on a wave or die unnecessarily in game again!
Say cheese!  Capturing your epic win on camera is a piece of cake with the Screenshot app.  Then upload it to Facebook or Twitter.  Cue gloating

The Gmail app lets you access your beloved email account directly through the Switchblade UI. We don’t recommend checking your work email while gaming though, don’t get distracted soldier!
Brag about your death-defying gaming exploits and top-of-the-leaderboard wins right as it happens, with the Twitter app close at hand on the Switchblade UI.  Oh, and don’t forget to follow us at http://www.twitter.com/Razer

Can’t stay away from your social media? The Facebook app* keeps you connected to your friends’ inane status updates and latest going-ons without having to leave the game.
Load up music videos or watch game guides directly on the YouTube app, with fully integrated YouTube controls

Access a fully functional web browser while gaming on your main screen. Read game walkthroughs and troll the forums without ever interrupting your gameplay
Keep track of how long you’ve spent in-game using the Clock app.  Use the Stopwatch utility to time how long it takes you to collect 9 wild boar hides and kill 10 dungeon rats.

Macro Recorder

The Macro Recorder app gives you a visual platform to effortlessly record your on-the-fly macros while in-game.  Scroll through the list to review your keystrokes and delays, and assign a newly created macro directly to any key on the keyboard.

Gaming Mode

Tired of throwing a game just because you accidentally hit the Windows key? The Gaming Mode app disables the Windows key by default when toggled on. You can also choose to disable the Alt-Tab and Alt-F4 commands, so you’ll never have to worry about hitting the wrong keys in the midst of pwning again.

Take intuitive control of your Razer Blade with the highly sensitive multi-touch Trackpad app.  Pair this with the ten fully customizable dynamic adaptive tactile keys, and you’ve got a plethora of commands right at your fingertips.


The Numpad app transforms the Switchblade UI into a fully functional digital number pad. Punching figures into Excel was never this cool.

Media Player App
Gain quick access to all of your favorite songs with the Media Player Application on Razer’s Switchblade User Interface. Listen to all of your favorite songs, create, edit, delete your playlists on-the-fly, and while waiting to respawn, view your favorite videos right from the Switchblade User Interface. With the Media Player App, alt-tabbing out of your game to locate your favorite songs will be a thing of the past.


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